This 12TB Seagate hard drive is just $81.99 and perfect for storing your media archives

By admin Feb 12, 2024

Need to store a lot of non-critical data? Live in the US? Want to maximise value over speed? Have we got the storage device for you: a refurbished 12TB Seagate enterprise HDD. These drives typically go for around $130 new, but you can pick them up for just $82 in “refurbished – excellent” condition on Ebay US. Their specialist HDD seller promises fully tested drives with zero bad sectors and a three-year warranty, which sounds great at $6.83 per TB!

For media archives or game file backups, I’d say this is an incredible value – just don’t use it for your only backup for priceless family photos, even if these drives are rated for some impressive durability with a (extremely conservative) 1 in 1015 error rate.

According to redditor /u/dstanton, that means that if you ran five of these drives for five years, you’d expect only one sector failure on one drive on average – and an error that’s easily corrected if you ran multiple drives in a RAID array with redundancy.

So, if you need cheap storage for stuff that you could redownload if you really had to, this is an awesome choice for our American readers!

By admin

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