Elden Ring player creates 600-page illustration of his entire playthrough, inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2

Elden Ring is a colossal action RPG, home to dozens of characters and intricate regions. And as someone who struggles to draw a smiley face at the best of times, my attempts to draw a dragon would result in FromSoftware rolling into my house and kicking me in the shins. Well, that won’t be happening with Artyz Artifacts, who only deserves applause for chronicling his entire Elden Ring playthrough through a series of very good sketches. It is, perhaps, the most diabolical amount of effort put into something that I’ve ever seen.

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To be clear, only the first part of Artyz’s Elden Ring playthrough has been uploaded to his YouTube channel. Over the course of 46 minutes, he flips through the pages and loosely describes who he found, what he liked, and the challenges he faced.

In the video’s description, Artyz says the sketchbook was “inspired by Arthur Morgan’s journal in Red Dead Redemption 2“. And that he’s actually committing to a sketchbook for each of the areas. Let that sink in! If he’s truly going to follow through on this, I can see the entire series filling up an entire library and all of us driving space cars.

Artyz also mention that some of the map layouts stem from an artist named IAN OD AKAm because Artyz “wanted to avoid the tedium involved”, which is fair enough. What I can’t get over, is his self deprecation in the comments sections. He says he does these sketchbooks because he sucks and wants to get better at art. Hey bud, I think you’re very good!

There are many pages I particularly like, but one that stood out to me was at roughly the 21:54 mark. He’s made Boc The Seamster a stoic looking lad, and the sketch of the fallen dragon is delightful. At 37:47, his depiction of Leonine The Misbegotten (one of the game’s first optional mettle tests) is super clean.

Again, I struggle to draw a smiley face at the best of times, so you wouldn’t want me to illustrate my entire playthrough of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Trust me.

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