Calling All Princess Knights: Priconne JP’s 6th Anniversary Update

By admin Feb 12, 2024

Get ready to celebrate because Priconne JP’s 6th Anniversary Update is upon us, bringing a ton of exciting stuff to the party! From free pulls to boosted rates and even a brand new way to power up your characters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this special event. So, let’s dive into the details and see what awaits you in this anniversary update:

New Content and Features

A guaranteed Platinum Gacha with a special item called a “Master Piece” will be available in late February. A new Connect Shop opens in March, where you can earn “Connect Coins” through gacha pulls and exchange them for various items, including Master Pieces. 

A new feature allows you to strengthen all your characters for free, up to a certain level and equipment rank. This is based on the top 20 characters in your roster. This update includes gacha mechanics, which may involve elements of chance.

Attribute Power Up!

The update introduces a unique system where characters gain damage bonuses based on shared attributes. Matching 2, 3, 4, or even 5 characters of the same element can significantly increase their damage output, offering exciting team-building possibilities.

For example, pairing 3 fire characters with 2 water characters. The fire characters gain a 10% damage boost, while the water characters get a 5% bonus. This strategic flexibility allows you to tailor your team to specific battles and maximize your damage potential.

The new “Deep Area Quest” highlights attributes, letting you create teams based on specific elements. The more characters you have with matching attributes, the bigger the damage bonus you’ll score. These quests aren’t your average stroll in the park, oh no. They will push you to your limits as you face off against formidable enemies in different elemental areas.

And here’s the kicker: the more characters you have with the right attributes, the bigger the bonus you’ll snag! 

Boost Your Squad’s Power with Astral Sphere and Astral Shard!

And to help you out, they’re introducing new items called “Astral Spheres” and “Astral Shards” that you can use to strengthen your characters’ attribute-based attacks. They’re like power-ups for your characters, making them even stronger in battle. Fire, water, wind – you name it, these items got you covered! 

Certain bosses have elemental weaknesses, and exploiting them is even more rewarding. Using characters with matching attributes against these vulnerable bosses grants an additional damage bonus, further amplifying your offensive power.

Princess Knight Gets a Makeover!

Everyone’s favorite mascot, Princess Knight, is getting a significant upgrade! Her enhancements will now apply to all content, giving you more flexibility in using her. Plus, you can strengthen her attributes and master skills, unlocking even more potential.

And Much More!

On top of all that, there’s a treasure trove of other goodies to discover during the anniversary event. It’s a new character reinforcement system and a revamped shop with exclusive items. Clan battles now allow for higher damage values before seeing a reduction. A cap is set on the maximum damage dealt in a single action to prevent overly powerful attacks. Bosses will no longer recover TP when taking damage, making them more susceptible to sustained attacks.

With these changes, the Priconne JP’s 6th Anniversary Update injects a fresh layer of strategy into Priconne JP. Experiment with different attribute combinations, exploit boss weaknesses, and unleash even more powerful attacks in your battles! To stay in the loop, check out the official website and get the game on Google Play!

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