A calendar-themed Suicide Squad easter egg is hinting at the return of one of the game’s biggest characters

By admin Feb 12, 2024

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a collection of easter eggs that might be pointing towards the return of a character thought to be permanently gone.

Big spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

As detailed by the YouTube channel Batman Arkham Videos, across Suicide Squad’s Metropolis you can find various calendar pages that appear to be hiding a secret message. There are twelve calendar pages in total, one for each month of the year, all of which have a particular date circled on them. On January’s page, the number eight is circled, and if you take each number circled across the pages, and have them match to their corresponding letter in the alphabet (the eighth letter being H), you get the phrase: “He will return.”

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Secret Message in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League [Batman Will Return? Easter Egg]

Now, those of you who are big Arkham-verse fans might quickly be thinking of Calendar Man, a bit of a C-tier Batman villain who you could meet in Arkham City, and had a small cameo in Arkham Knight. That would be a fair assumption, given calendars are his whole thing, but on the final page for December, the last number isn’t circled, but has the bat-symbol on it instead. This particular page is also found in Centennial Park, which for those who’ve seen the spoilers or gotten that far, is where Batman meets his maker (i.e. dies). So it seems more likely that it’s pointing towards his return.

Comic books are obviously known for killing off and bringing characters back all the time, so it wouldn’t be the strangest thing in the world, especially considering that the multiverse was introduced in Suicide Squad, including a new take on The Joker. Who knows what’ll end up happening, it’s a live service game so we’ll find out if it survives that long. But in the meantime you can read our full review of the game, with Fran coming away from it feeling like it’s limited by its games as service aspirations, even if it does have a lot of soul.

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