TapTap Explained: How to find a community and play the best new Android games early

By admin Feb 10, 2024

If you’re a mobile gamer, you may well have seen the word “TapTap” in your travels. 

But that doesn’t mean you know what it is. The internet is full of new words. You can’t possibly get up to speed on every single one. 

Worry not. We know what TapTap is, and we’re here to explain exactly why you need to start using it right now—especially if you care about getting the most out of your mobile gaming hobby. 

What is TapTap?

Quick answer: it’s a gaming community and a discovery platform. 

Longer answer: TapTap is absolutely the best way to find new and interesting mobile games, thanks to a thriving community and an ultraslick interface. If you have an Android phone, you can even download games directly through the app.

But there’s more. TapTap is also a forum for discussing your favorite games with your fellow mobile gamers. It lets you post articles and reviews, share screenshots and videos, and even create walkthroughs and guides to help out your less experienced counterparts. 

There are well over 120,000 games in TapTap’s library, covering the full commercial spectrum from AAA blockbuster to indie darling, meaning you’ll always find something to nerd out over. 

Oh, and in many cases TapTap lets you play new mobile games before anybody else. 


TapTap works with tons of different developers, and one of the ways it helps them is by serving up a tailor made community of alpha and beta testers. That means you. 

As long as you’re happy to struggle through the occasional untranslated game, or switch to another region with a VPN, you can get your hands on some of the hottest future titles while your friends are still gazing longingly at blurry screenshots online.

Thousands of players have got in on these tests so far, and the games they’ve played early include Snowbreak: Containment Zone, Need for Speed Mobile, Clash Mini, One Punch Man: World, Wuthering Waves, and many more.

How do I get TapTap? 

It’s incredibly easy. 

First, you can download the TapTap Lite app for free on the Google Play Store. This one lets you access almost all of TapTap’s community features, browse reviews, read gamelists curated by professional editors, and share posts. 

There are contests too, with prizes such as Amazon gift cards, Xbox Pro controllers, and Steam Decks all up for grabs. 

If you don’t fancy the TapTap Lite app, you can download the TapTap Full app from the TapTap website. This option gives you everything the lite version does, but with the added ability to download games directly through the app.

And yes, that includes Android games you won’t find on the Google Play Store, games that aren’t available in your region, and pre-release versions.

Finally, you can just head to TapTap.io and browse the site from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. This is a great option if all you want to do is check in with the community and see what the buzz is on the latest games. 

But you can also download games to your phone from the site using a QR code. 

Is TapTap safe to install?

It always pays to be sceptical when somebody insists that you sideload an app rather than installing it from the Google Play Store. But TapTap is 100% safe. 

The only reason you can’t download the full version of TapTap on Google Play is that it functions as an alternative to Google’s own platform—preventing Google from taking its hefty cut.

The beauty of TapTap for developers is that it lets them keep all of what they make, rather than having to give 30% of their revenue to Google or Apple.

And what’s good for developers is good for you.  

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