How To Heal In Arcane Lineage – Top Up Your Health In No Time!

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It may be a Roblox title, but Arcane Lineage is no slouch in the difficulty department. If you’re diving in, you’ll find yourself needing to know how to heal in Arcane Lineage before long.

Arcane Lineage is an expansive, open world RPG on the Roblox platform. With a variety of quests and enemies to take on, as well as novel death and levelling mechanics, it’s a game you can lose yourself in for hours at a time. It’s world is as dangerous as it is content-rich, however, meaning you’ll often find yourself just a liver from death. This guide will get you out of such sticky situations.

You can play Arcane Lineage for free on Roblox right now. For more on this fantasy epic, check out our guide on unlocking all of the Arcane Lineage Enchantments.

How To Heal In Arcane Lineage

There are many ways to heal in Arcane Lineage. We’ve gathered them all below.

Healing At The Doctor

The first, and most reliable, way to heal is to visit the Doctor NPC. This character appears in three different locations throughout the game, and talking to him in any of them will allow you to fully restore your health. This is free on Normal mode, but costs 25 Gold on Hard, and 50 Gold on Legendary. There’s also an additional 25 Gold fee if you’re of the Chaotic alignment.

The Doctor appears in the following locations:

  • Caldera Town – Just outside the tavern.
  • Old Ruins – Inside the large building in the area.
  • Westwood Heart – By a plant outside a building. Found after the first bridge in the area.

Healing With A Potion

Another method of healing is to use a Small Health Potion. You can craft these by combining one Everthistle with one Slime Chunk. You can also receive them as drops from enemies, though this is quite rare. These only restore 10-15 HP at a time, so they’re less effective than a trip to the Doctor, but they’re handy to have when you’re out in the field or in a tricky battle.

Healing With Skills

There are a wide range of healing skills available in Arcane Lineage. These are as follows:

Active Skills:

  • Cleansing Prayer – Heals an ally and removes debuffs. Saint Class exclusive.
  • Holy Grace – Heals an ally. Saint Class exclusive.
  • Curar Forte – Sacrifice 3% of your HP to heal allies for 6% of their HP. Musician Sub Class exclusive.
  • Darklight Drain – Deals damage to an enemy and heals you. Necromancer Super Class exclusive.
  • Raise Dead – Revives a fallen ally and restores some of their HP. Necromancer Super Class exclusive.
  • Restructure – Grant an ally passive HP regeneration for three turns. Daminos Race exclusive.
  • Lesser Heal – Heals an ally. Way of Life Covenant exclusive.

Passive Skills:

  • Death Siphon – Regain health, and get a speed boost, after killing an enemy. Necromancer Super Class exclusive.
  • Critical Lifesteal – Regain health after landing a critical hit on an enemy. Drauga Race exclusive.
  • Dragon’s Undying Soul – Gain passive HP regeneration when under 25% HP. Daminos Race exclusive.
  • Lifebound – Increases your healing from all sources. Way of Life Covenant exclusive.

Healing With Items And Equipment

Several items in Arcane Lineage, be they equipment or not, can help with your healing.

  • Pathfinder Martyr – Armour piece. Grants +1 HP regeneration. Saint Super Class exclusive.
  • Shadow Cloak – Armour piece. Grants +1 HP regeneration. Assassin Super Class exclusive.
  • Traveling Pasmark – Armour piece. Grants +1 HP regeneration. Monk Super Class exclusive.
  • Ring of the Dragon – Accessory. Grants HP regeneration while you’re afflicted with the Burn status effect.
  • Narthana’s Sigil – Artifact. Grants HP regeneration when equipped.
  • Reality Watch – Artifact. Can be used in battle to ‘save’ your current HP total, restoring your HP to that total again in 3 turns.

Healing With Enchantments

Finally, there are two weapon Enchantments in the game that can offer you some healing potential as well.

  • Lifesong – Grants a chance to heal your HP, and provide HP regeneration for yourself and allies, each time you damage an enemy.
  • Reaper – Heals HP each time you deal damage to an enemy.

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