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By admin Feb 9, 2024

Racing to the finish line for UGC Math Race codes? The codes below reward you with free time that can be used to purchase UGC items. However, new codes may give you other types of rewards too!

UGC Math Race is a challenging game where you need to get to the finish line before anyone else. Once you’re in a race, you need to work out the mathematical sum that pops up at the top of the screen. Depending on the answer, you need to find the number on the grid ahead of you, but you have to make sure that you’re trying to get in front of your opponents too! With the addition of UGC, you can also earn free items by simply playing the game.

If you’re curious about UGC Math Race, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. For more UGC games, have a read of our Dance for UGC Codes guide and our Spin for Free UGC Codes guide!

UGC Math Race Codes

Trying to get UGC items for free? These codes might be able to help you!

Active Codes

You’ll need some extra time if you’re saving up for the UGC items! Luckily, some of the codes below will grant you free time and wins.

  • TROPHY – Free Trophy/Win
  • HAPPYCODE – Extra Time (1,234)
  • 22400 – Extra Time (1K)
  • RELEASE – Extra Time (500)
  • 150 – Extra Time (1K)

How to Redeem UGC Math Race Codes

screenshot of the ugc math race code redemption window, there is a box with the word 'codes' at the top and a text box that reads 'enter code' and a purple redeem button underneath as well as a link that takes you to the discord server

Ready for some freebies? Read the instructions below to learn how to redeem codes in the game.

  • Open UGC Math Race via the Roblox launcher
  • When you’re in the game, click the purple Codes button to the left (it’s underneath the Quests button)
    • A new box will pop up for the code redemption!
  • Copy a code from the list above
  • Paste the code into the text box that says ‘Enter Code’
    • Make sure that the pasting doesn’t add an extra space after the last letter/number as this can cause the code to not work
  • Click the purple redeem button underneath the text box to get your free stuff!

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