Can You Spot the Sneaky Illang?

By admin Feb 9, 2024

Welcome to Koji Village, where the sneaky iLLANG has been causing quite the commotion. But fear not because it’s time for us to band together and end their mischief. It’s a social deduction game where you work together to find the sneaky “Illang” (wolf) hiding among the villagers.

Also, let me tell you a little about compatibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re gaming on iOS, Android, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X|S; you can team up from different platforms and switch between devices.

Work together with up to 20 players to uncover clues and Become a Koji Villager! Choose from 19 unique characters, customize them, and don’t be fooled by appearances! Even Detective Rin could be the Illang! And, play with anyone, anywhere, and pick up where you left off on any device!

Survive the Night and Stun the Illang!

Once half your fellow villagers have fallen, the night turns crimson. This is your chance to shine as a Villager! Grab your trusty Mallet and swing it at suspicious players to stun them. Remember, stunning them is key to their downfall! After stunning an Illang suspect, vanish into the shadows and survive until the night ends. Outlast them and secure victory for the villagers!

Remember, you’re not alone! Cooperate with surviving villagers to identify and eliminate the Illang threat. One alive villager besides you at the end means victory! Crimson Moon Night isn’t just about stunning. NPCs with vital missions will appear on your minimap. Follow their guidance and complete their tasks to contribute to the greater good.

Pay close attention to the NPCs’ instructions. The minimap will guide you, but quick thinking and decisive action are crucial for success. Once you’ve completed an NPC’s tasks, return to them to mark your mission complete. Every mission helps tilt the scales in favor of the villagers! Crimson Moon Night throws a wild card into the mix, but with smart thinking, teamwork, and a well-aimed Mallet, you can survive.

Get to know the homies!

Neru, the 19-year-old fortune teller with a penchant for predicting the future. Despite her mystical abilities, she’s just a regular teenager who loves video games and churros. Yagami’s life as the Drowned Ghost, a noblewoman who lost her memory after meeting a watery end. Harumi may only be 19, but she’s already a proud member of the Abe family, dedicated to worshipping the Fox Goddess. However, her devotion is tested when her rival, Neru, starts vying for the attention of her beloved deity, Dakki.

Tanuki the shape-shifting trickster may be over 400 years old, but he’s still chasing after his dreams of becoming a god. Chaju may be on the run after escaping prison, but he’s got big plans to prove himself as the ultimate criminal in Koji Village. Jin remains unfazed as he munches on sheep and ponders life’s mysteries. There’s also Dakki, the elusive Fox Goddess who’s been around for over 900 years.

Soft Launch and Exciting Events

Now, there’s a minor hiccup to address. Due to some server issues, they’re kicking off with a soft launch, so hop onto the Asia server for now. But fret not, regional servers for North America (East), Europe, and more will be rolling out soon.

As a token of appreciation for your understanding, the developers are sending out 100 Lucky Tickets and 20,000 gold to all players. Consider it a little bonus for your patience!

Work together, uncover clues, and help Koji Village thrive! For those who’d like to give iLLANG a shot, it’s available on Google Play!

Before you go, check out the scoop on the Mystery of Eigengrau!

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