Whitethorn Games Surprise Launches Crafting Adventure ‘Wytchwood’ on Mobile, Announces March 28th Release Date for ‘Skate Fish’ – TouchArcade

By admin Feb 8, 2024

Today Whitethorn Games held their Whitethorn Winter 2024 Showcase, a digital event where the prolific publisher lays out their upcoming titles across a variety of platforms. You can watch the showcase in its entirety right here if you wish, it’s only about 40 minutes long, but on the mobile gaming side of things specifically there were two pretty big announcements that I’d like to highlight here. First up is a surprise mobile launch of Whitethorn and Alientrap’s dark and cozy crafting adventure Wytchwood.

Wytchwood is a story-driven adventure that’s bolstered together with layers upon layers of crafting mechanics, and it’s stuffed with whimsy and dark humor. It was well-received when it launched on PC and consoles back in late 2021, and it seems like it’ll be perfectly at home on mobile. You can grab this one right now for $4.99 on the iOS App Store or over on the Google Play Store for Android.

The other tasty bit of mobile news coming out of the showcase is a release date for the extremely quirky and downright absurd Skate Fish from Sudden Event Studios, a mashup of–you guessed it–skateboarding and fishing. Those are two tastes I never in my wildest dreams thought might taste great together, but can Skate Fish make me a believer? I don’t know but I’m definitely down to find out. Cast your line, hook a fishy, and then do awesome skateboarding tricks in order to impress the fish enough to actually capture and secure them. What!?

Well, as you can see Skate Fish has a release date set of March 28th on both iOS and Android. The concept is so wacky I’m very eager to try it out. I love skateboarding games in general, so it’ll really boil down to how well those mechanics are implemented into the game. But hey, I also love fishing games. Is this a peanut butter and chocolate situation that we never could have seen coming? I guess we’ll find out on March 28th.

By admin

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