The Tsunami Game Lore Iceberg

You might think you know about Tsunami Game? Think again. The lore of the Roblox runner is as deep as a Level 6 wave and goes on about as long. Floundering a bit? Don’t worry. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time scrutinizing the ins and outs of Squidcorp and securing myself a researcher position and peered into the abyss of Tsunami Game lore.

It’s time to blow the lid on the sinister secrets of Squidcorp and its plans. I’ve used the Iceberg format, but as it’s Tsunami Game, let’s rank it properly.

Want to check out Tsunami Game? You can find it on Roblox. Try out Tsunami Game banana guide for more on the elusive yellow fruit. This is all for the deep lore.

The Tsunami Game Lore Iceberg

Let’s go.

Level 1 – The Arena

The first part is what you see in front of you when you arrive in-game. A large arena with a set of pipes at the far end. From time to time a large wave comes crashing across the arena. If you can’t avoid it, you get thrown back and lose health. Get to the end for points.

Simple right? Wrong.

Level 2 – The Buttons

Tsunami Game is not just an obstacle course. It’s an exercise in betrayal. Players control the launch of the waves through the button at the back of the arena. The longer it’s left to count up, the worse the wave. Button presses, and kills, are rewarded. So, who is motivating people to kill their fellow runners?

Level 3 – The Desert

After a server passes 100 wins, there’s a big change on a server. A door opens in the third cave on the right and leads you.. out. That’s right, there is a world beyond the arena you were trapped in. Wander around outside and you’ll find many places to explore, and even some gold lying around.

Isn’t it nice to expand your horizons? Makes the arena look a little small.

Level 4- The Banana Trade

Feature image for or Tsunami game bananas guide. It shows a screen of NPC Bob Robert in his shop, a bunch of bananas over his head.

So what’s behind the third door on the left? There you’ll find Bob Robert, an affable fellow who deals in bananas. Why does he deal in bananas? Trading with aliens. No, really. If you wander around the desert long enough you’ll meet one too.

Ayy Lamo is a green-skinned individual who trades in bananas. He also reveals quite a lot about the wider situation. His race want to advance the development of humanity, something perhaps at odds with the wills of Squidcorp. Who are Squidcorp? Bob Robert has a bit of a distaste for them too. Squidcorp run the tsunami game, and as it turns out, there’s a sinister reason they run it.

Level 5 – Squidcorp

Becoming a researcher lets you slip inside the facility and see Squidcorp’s motives from the inside. As it turns out, they’re experimenting with tsunamis to test the gadgets they sell. This includes using the hapless runners as human guinea pigs.

What’s more, Squidcorp heads have taken to space, seeking to escape an oncoming apocalypse. That’s.. alarming.

Level 6 – Rob Bobert

In the Cafeteria area of the Research complex is a man in a top hat who goes by.. Rob Bobert. He admonishes you for not experimenting enough on the hapless runners and sends you away. Who is this man in a sinister top hat? The evil twin of Bob Robert? I was assured he’d play a role later. What is he hiding?

Level 100 – The Other Questions

Even with the knowledge of a Researcher, there are still many loose ends to tie off. To name a few.

  • You can find the wreckage of a plane in the drain and the reservoir. How did that happen?
  • What’s with the chess room?
  • Why is there a temple on the desert hill?

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