More survival games should adopt Infinite Craft’s haphazard experimentation

By admin Feb 8, 2024

In survival games, I leave the building to everyone else, or I build the absolute bare minimum unless I really enjoy the world I’m in. I think that’s a thing inherent in me, as I’ve never taken great pleasure in snapping together pieces of Lego, and would much rather earn killstreaks than decorate a back garden. For me, building in most games is laborious and predictable and does not sate my impatient brain.

But I like Neal Agarwal’s Infinite Craft, a browser game where you slide words on top of each other and see if they generate something new. For instance, “water” and “fire” combine to make “steam”, with what’s practically infinitesimal possibilities. It is immediate, simple, and unpredictable. More games should facilitate haphazard engineering and silliness.

By admin

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