Anime Last Stand Itachi Unit – All About Illusionist

By admin Feb 8, 2024
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There are some pretty familiar individuals in the Anime Last Stand world. Some might have different names, but you know who they are really. Our Anime Last Stand Itachi unit guide goes over all your need to know about Illusionist, the fellow who looks suspiciously like our favorite Atatsuki.

Anime Last Stand is a Roblox game where you recruit some very familiar faces from the anime world to create an unstoppable fighting force. Roll the dice to summon from the pool of candidates, and plan out a flawless strategy to fend off wave after wave of attackers.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Anime Last Stand! Want more of our guides on the game? Try the best Anime Last Stand tier list.

Anime Last Stand Itachi Guide

Here we’ll go into detail about the unit.

About Illusionist

Illusionist is a Mythic-rarity unit. He can appear in Banner 2 and Banner 1, with a chance to roll for him sitting a 75 Emeralds at the time of writing, with a 1% chance of getting the unit from each summon in Banner 2 when he’s available, and 50 Emeralds to try a summon in Banner 1, with a 0.5% chance of rolling when he’s available.

Illusionist Strats

Illusionist is all about feeling the burn. His good range and decent attack it outstripped by his ability to scorch opponents with burn damage. His attacks are in a cone shape, so make sure to make the most of the widest part of the attack range.

Illusionist Stats

Here are the raw numbers.

Default – $1000

  • 2,200 DMG
  • 5,900 Burn
  • Range 40

First Upgrade – $2250

  • 3,570 DMG
  • 9,600 Burn
  • Range 40

Second Upgrade – $4500

  • 5,300 DMG
  • 14,200 Burn
  • Range 40

Third Upgrade – $6500

  • 6,000 DMG
  • 16,400 Burn
  • Range 42

Fourth Upgrade – $7000

  • 8,000 DMG
  • 22,800 Burn
  • Range 40

Fifth Upgrade – $8000

  • 9,500 DMG
  • 25,000 Burn
  • Range 42

Sixth Upgrade – $15000

  • 12,200 DMG
  • 33,000 Burn
  • Range 42

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