Reverse 1999 Plan Of Escape Route Guide

By admin Feb 7, 2024
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Stuck on the map puzzle in Chapter 3? We’re here to give you a few hints. Our Reverse 1999 Plan Of Escape Route guide goes over how to complete the logic puzzle and what the game wants from you, something that’s half the battle to find.

Reverse 1999 is a time-hopping adventure where you cross the eras to find the answer to a catastrophic mystery. From Ancient Greece to the roaring Twenties, to the swinging Sixties, fight your way through the centuries and meet a huge cast of colorful and wacky characters. Ever wanted to fight monsters with an apple in a tie, a UFO, and some disembodied arms? Now’s your chance.

Reverse 1999 is available right now on Google Play. We’ve also got a Reverse 1999 tier list, and a Reverse 1999 codes guide.

Reverse 1999 Plan Of Escape Route Guide

We’ll try and cover the topic and how to play through the puzzle.

The Puzzle

In the Plan Of Escape Route puzzle, you have to create a map that shows you how to escape an area, whilst hitting all the key numbered points along the way. The points are numbered 1-5, and you need to hit them in the right order and loop back to the start. Wait.. how does that help you escape?

How To Solve It

You solve the puzzle by rotating the tiles on the map to make the paths join up into one continuous path that joins each point in order. Tap each section of map to rotate it and create an unbroken route from one number to the next.

You might need to double back if you’ve found that there’s no way to line up the tiles properly. It can sometimes be easier to start at the target and work your way backward. The tiles are randomized to some degree, so there isn’t a single route to mark.

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