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By admin Feb 7, 2024

We’ve covered the 8S Pro and the Cyberbuds DAO TWS earbuds – both from RedMagic – on Gamezebo in the past, and been impressed by both in how they cater to gamers.

But RedMagic 9 Pro goes one step further in our eyes on that score. It, simply, is one of the very best phones we’ve played games on. That’s the bottom line. If you need more details on why, then read on…

The main reason for this bold claim is that the RedMagic 9 Pro boasts a rival to the A17 chip – the latter of which you’ll find in the latest iPhone. 

Specifically it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, which means the 9 Pro is packing some serious power. More than enough to blow any gaming phone out of the water right now, in fact.

We’ve played a range of games on the 9 Pro and it handled them all with ease, but with no noticeable dips in performance or severe draining of the battery. 

This is a phone perfect for gamers then, and this just isn’t a coincidence – with many design choices meaning it’s almost a crime not to play games on it.

The first is, as touched on above, the battery. The 9 Pro has a 6500mAh battery, which is a big leap up from the 8S Pro. It keeps its charge superbly from our extended time with the unit.

This is especially impressive considering the amoled display with a 120HZ panel. The colours popped when we played bouncy platformers, and locales were crisp and clear in grittier online shooters. 

Making sure the battery was always topped up was a joy too, largely due to the 9 Pro boasting 80W fast charging. We managed to fully charge the phone from 0-100 in less than thirty minutes.

Then there’s the internal fan that means the phone stays cooler for longer. Known as ‘ICE 13.0’ which kept it cool during even the most demanding gaming sessions.

Finally for gamers there are the RGB triggers, which making playing any title even easier. Couple this with the phone’s already sleek light design and you have a device we wanted to pick up just to play games on it. And trust us, we don’t say that about most phones. 

Ultimately the RedMagic 9 Pro has been designed for gamers, and we’re very happy to say that’s not just a gimmicky slogan or idle boast. It genuinely feels like any dedicated mobile gamer needs this phone in their pocket.  

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip means it’ll likely be one of the best in its class for the foreseeable future too.

The good

  • Great battery
  • Great screen
  • Great for gaming

The bad

  • Not enough games to fully test it right now

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