Infinite Craft is a browser game in which you can craft anything, from God to Minecraft

By admin Feb 7, 2024

I created God pretty early on, though not until I’d first created the Big Bang and, even earlier, Batman. This is the kind of thing you can do in Infinite Craft, a browser game in which you can seemingly craft anything, and in which it’s glorious, time-stealing fun to try.

You start with four elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Wind – and you can combine these in pairs to make something new. Earth and Water produces Plant, for example, and Fire and Wind leads to Smoke. Crafting is as simple and drag-and-dropping words on top of each other – and words, alongside a little emoji, are all these things are.

Your progress start to spiral quickly, however. Plant and Smoke produce Incense, which when paired with itself results in Perfume, which when crossed with Wind makes Smell, which added to Water makes Fish. Your first living creature.

There’s no linear progression to Infinite Craft, which isn’t really a game, and thus has no real objective. Instead you’re feeling out a conceptual space, uncovering connections in a vast dictionary of ideas. You can make rapid progress by combining items with themselves. Two Waters make a Lake, two Fish make a Shark, and so on, meaning you can shift concepts up and down their own family tree, turning islands into continents, planets in multiverses.

The real joy comes when you think of a logical connection between two concepts from different family trees entirely. It’s not hard to get from Batman to the Joker, and then to a full DC Cinematic Universe of related ideas. It’s more fun to take that Joker and combine it with Fish to make a Clownfish, then to cross that with a Human to make Nemo. There’s a huge relief in having the game confirm your hunches. There’s also an arch and silly sense of humour to it, as you find combinations to produce War, Politics, Games, and more. I created Stephen Colbert, then combined him with a Troll to create Trollbert.

I wasn’t the first to do so. Perhaps best of all, Infinite Craft is keeping track of everything its players create. Craft something original and it’ll be marked as “First Discovery”. I was the first person to create Corrupt Politics, for which I can only apologise.

You can play around with Infinite Craft in your browser now. It’s the work of Neal Agarwal, who last year created The Password Game.

By admin

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