How To Unlock All The Arcane Lineage Enchantments – With Buffs!

By admin Feb 7, 2024

If you’d like to know how to unlock all of the Arcane Lineage Enchantments then you’re in the right place! My guide details how you can unlock them as well as their buffs both in and outside of combat.

Arcane Lineage is a Roblox game that drops you into a fantasy world. You set out into it with a name, a race, some basic stats, and a dream. There are tons of different classes, heaps of skills, and hordes of enemies to deal with on your way!

You can try out Arcane Lineage on Roblox. We also have a How To Level Up In Arcane Lineage and How To Get A Lineage Shard In Arcane Lineage guide.

Arcane Lineage Enchantments

Enchantments are an equipable boost within battles and are typically applied to a weapon. The enchantment abilities usually activate during your turns to inflict just that little bit of extra damage which could be all the difference between a win and loss.


Effect: Attacks have a chance to inflict a lingering burning debuff even if the enemy performs a dodge. The hit will also inflict 20% more DMG.

Requirements: Level 25+

Obtainment: Head left from the Volcano entrance. After heading left, enter the false wall and complete the dangerous parkour until you reach the end. Chat with the entity to receive the enchantment.


Effect: Increased drop states and a chance to deal extra DMG. More gold is also gained from each enemy’s death.

Requirements: Level 35+ and to have defeated the boss, Yar’thul the Blazing Dragon

Obtainment: Enter the Inn located within the starting town and chat with Lodyssa NPC. Sell 250 items and chat with her again to obtain the enchantment


Effect: Lifesteal from enemies, healing some of your own HP when dealing DMG towards enemies

Requirements: Level 35+, Lineage Shard, Max Life

Obtainment: Take the unique path within the Desert and arrive at the glowing Red Door. Open the door and locate the interactable red spikes. Take out the Lineage Shard and hold them above the spikes to talk with them and obtain the enchant.


Effect: When hitting an enemy, there is a chance for Lifesong to proc and provide a temporary buff to the user which generates better healing

Requirements: Level 35+, Roughly in combat 5,000 Healing completed

Obtainment: Enter Deeproot Depths and follow the parkour. Once complete you should be within the Forgotten Sanctum. Interact with the glowing green pillar to begin the quest. After getting roughly 5,000 in Combat Healing return to the pillar to obtain Lifesong


Effect: When hitting an enemy there is a random chance to inflict a random potent effect. Plus, Cursed users are immune to Cess Anomalies

Obtainment: Chat with Jyphar Guy in Deeproot to launch the quest. You’ll need to finish a fight with the Cursed debuff on yourself. Head to CressGround and let Cress hurt you without dying. You’ll need to be in low health to complete this quest and get the enchant.


Effect: Has a random chance to apply Chilled to enemies. Plus, when applied with a frost weapon the chance doubles to inflict Chilled. If you attack an already Chilled enemy with a frost move it will cause a small AoE frost explosion which can deal damage to local enemies.

Obtainment: Check back soon!

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