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Heard about the Arcane Lineage Phoenix Tear? There’s a couple of ways to obtain it, and it’s a pretty powerful artifact, so let’s get started!

Arcane Lineage is a unique turn-based Roblox game. Utilise a variety of classes that branch out into more powerful ones and take part in explosive combat. Summon beasts, apply debuffs, support your allies, and come out on top! It’s important to remember that this game is notoriously difficult.

For more information about Arcane Lineage, visit the official Roblox page! Check out our Arcane Lineage Weapons guide and our Arcane Lineage Ore Locations guide to learn more about the RPG.

How to Obtain the Arcane Lineage Phoenix Tear

The Phoenix Tear is an obtainable artifact in the game! One of the main reasons why artifacts are in demand in Arcane Lineage is because of the permanent buffs that they grant to your character.

You also need 1 Phoenix Tear when crafting the Light of Grace consumable, which in short, is a revive potion. Due to the power that they provide, there are two main ways to get an artifact.

Boss Drop

The only boss that drops the Phoenix Tear is Yar’thul, The Blazing Dragon. Keep in mind that some boss drops are a roll of the dice and have a certain drop rate percentage – Phoenix Tear is one of these! While Yar’thul, The Blazing Dragon has a chance of dropping a ton of other items, you may need to farm the boss fight a few times before the artifact drops.

If your character is on the weaker side, try to get a few other players involved too. Y’arthul has 1.2K HP in total, which is boosted to 1.8K when it becomes ‘corrupted’. Once beaten, all players in the battle will be prompted to take part in the drop roll.

The Mysterious Man

Can’t be bothered farming the Yar’thul boss fight until it drops? The Mysterious Man NPC sells it! Now, this vendor isn’t like your typical one. He spawns every server hour and is only available for 10 minutes per spawn. It’s best to interact with him as quickly as possible before his items sell out.

You can find him standing behind the Alchemy building, to the left of where the Blacksmith is, or hidden in one of the dark corners of the main town. He’s not hard to miss, as he’s got a glowing head! The Phoenix Tear can cost between 4.5K to 11,550 Gold.

Phoenix Tear Uses

Why is the Phoenix Tear so important? Take note that you cannot use this artifact when you’re playing the Legendary difficulty mode.

Light of Grace

As I mentioned above, the Phoenix Tear artifact is part of the recipe for the Light of Grace potion. The effects granted by the potion are what makes it a must-have item in your inventory! When using the Light of Grace consumable, you are able to revive a fallen party member, followed by healing half of their HP bar.

If your character has the Alchemist sub-class, they can sell the Light of Grace potion for a total of 3K Gold – making it a pretty neat way to earn a bit of extra in-game cash! Before that though, you need to craft it!

  • 1 Phoenix Tear
  • 1 Haze Chunk
  • 1 Crylight
  • 1 Driproot
  • 1 Sand Core

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