How To Feed Your Dog In Potion Permit

Unsure of how to feed your dog in Potion Permit? Don’t worry: our guide will walk you through the process step by step.

Potion Permit is a Simulation/JRPG hybrid, in a similar vein to the likes of Stardew Valley or Rune Factory. Taking on the role of a village chemist, you’ll battle monsters and raid dungeons in search of the best quality ingredients available. You’ll also develop relationships, both with other human characters and with your trusty pets. This guide will cover a crucial aspect of maintaining good relations with your dog: feeding it.

Potion Permit is available on Steam, Android, iOS, and all major consoles. For more cosy simulation goodness, check out our Laid Back Camp tier list.

How To Feed Your Dog In Potion Permit

Before you can feed your dog, you’ll need to call it over to you first. You can do this by tapping the small dog icon in the bottom-left of your screen on mobile, or using the right trigger on console. Once called, your dog will run over and sit next to you, at which point you can interact with it to either feed or pet it.

When Should You Feed Your Dog?

Your dog in Potion Permit has its own personal hunger meter, which dictates when you’ll need to feed it. You can tell this is running low because your dog will start whining constantly and moving more slowly than usual. When you notice these changes, be sure to feed your dog ASAP if you want to maintain your friendship with it.

What Can You Feed Your Dog?

You can feed your dog any food item that you could eat yourself, be it purchased, home-cooked, or foraged. However, there are some items your dog prefers over others, and some it downright hates. Here’s a handy list so you know which foods to go for, and which to avoid.

Foods your Dog Loves Foods your Dog Hates
Baby Back Ribs Ginger
Berry Pancakes Ginseng
Juicy Meat Ginseng Soup
Meatball Milk
Meat Stew Milkshake
Tender Meat Premium Root Beer
Grilled Tenderloin Snow Berry

Your dog will eat any of the other food items in the game if offered, but will have no strong feelings either way.

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