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Sometimes a person just gets in the mood, friends. The mood to pretend to be a vigilante in a silly costume. These urges are best explored in the virtual world, I assure you. Surprisingly, despite the popularity of such characters during the course of the Nintendo Switch’s life span, the console is not exactly overflowing with the usual faces. The NES technically has more X-Men games and Spider-Man games, when you get down to it. But that doesn’t mean that itch cannot be scratched at all, and we’ve gathered up ten games that will leave you feeling nice and heroic. Let’s check them out, in no particular order.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ($39.99)

If you love Marvel’s universe of superheroes, you only have a few options on the Switch. The best of the bunch, in this writer’s opinion, is LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. It’s an amazing celebration of all things Marvel, packed to the brim with all its popular characters and then some. The sequel is also available, but it’s missing a lot of fan favorites for silly reasons and generally doesn’t run as smoothly on the console as this one does. No, this is the one you’ll want, and if you haven’t had enough by the time you reach the end of its massive campaign, feel free to move on to the follow-up.

Batman: Arkham Trilogy ($59.99)

This is something I have to say every time I recommend this game on Switch, but you’re really buying this for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, both of which have been beautifully ported to the platform. Do not buy it for Arkham Knight, which is in such a shocking state that it really should have been swapped out for Arkham Origins or something. With that said, Asylum and City are more than enough reasons to grab this, offering two of the finest superhero experiences you can find in video gaming. Sure, the character models are very of their era, but the rest of it is as good today as it ever was.

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League ($14.99)

Do you like super heroes? Do you like romance-themed visual novels? Do you like Picross puzzles? If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, then it’s extremely weird that you have the same tastes as I do. But also, there’s a game you really need to check out called Pixel Puzzle Makeout League. It’s silly, it’s sweet, it has a romanceable sentient puzzle piece, and you get to do some fun Picross-style puzzles as you go. Quirky as it comes, and that’s exactly why I love it.

No More Heroes 3 ($49.99)

If you’re wondering why No More Heroes 3 is in a best superhero game list, you likely haven’t played a game in the series before. That’s fine, but No More Heroes 3 is a fantastic game about playing a hero trying to get to the top of the Galactic Superhero rankings to try and stop alien assassins from taking over the world. It has mini-games, superb over the top boss fights, amazing action, and a kickass soundtrack. I’ve played No More Heroes 3 over a dozen times now across platforms, and will likely replay it next week. It is that good.-Mikhail Madnani

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order ($59.99)

The other Marvel entry on this list is for those who want their heroes with slightly more realistic proportions than those seen in the LEGO games. This one didn’t quite live up to the expectations set by the name and involved talent, but it’s an enjoyable enough game on its own merits. You get a lot of heroes packed in here to use, and you can pick up the DLC to add some more. It’s a real grind, but there’s sometimes pleasure to be found in that particular kind of pain. I got to make a team of Spiders, so I was more than happy with it.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered ($39.99)

While this game was heavily designed around the Wii U game pad and plays best on that console as a result, the Switch release does its best to convert the experience to the controls on offer. It’s a charming ode to Japanese super heroes, with plenty of American super hero tropes checked off along the way. Individually, they’re weak. But with the power of one hundred, they’re almost unstoppable. Add in you as the extra “one”, and you can take that “almost” out of the equation. Like a lot of Platinum games, this one heavily rewards players who dedicate themselves to learning its systems, but if you do then there’s really nothing else quite like it.

LEGO DC Super-Villains ($59.99)

For the DC fans, there’s also a really good LEGO game. I don’t think this is the best of the lot (I think this sub-series peaked at LEGO Batman 2 personally), this is the one we have on the Switch. Luckily, it has plenty of charm to call its own. After all, who doesn’t like seeing what the bad guys are up to? And when the bad guys have to save the world? Now that’s an entertaining twist. Don’t worry, the heroes are about as well. Fans of the classic DC animated universe will certainly find plenty to like in the voice cast, too. It’s the same old LEGO gameplay at the end of the day, but that’s not a bad thing.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge ($24.99)

I understand that considering the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to be super heroes might be controversial, but I’m sticking to it. If Xaviar had found them before Splinter, they’d be X-Men. With that put to rest, here I am recommending Shredder’s Revenge again in one of these lists. Have you picked it up yet? You should. It’s an amazingly fun beat-em-up whether you play alone or with friends, and it’s densely packed with outstanding fan service for fans of the heroes in a half-shell. I’ll keep recommending it until every human on Earth owns it. And the ones in low orbit.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Super Edition ($49.99)

You can buy the base game for this, but I recommend just going all-in. For whatever reason, Capcom hasn’t given the Switch a whole lot of love when it comes to its Vs series of fighters. Some sort of license thing, I’m sure. But if you want a one-on-one fighter that fully captures that same over-the-top entertainment and also is a bogglingly stellar love letter to the Power Rangers franchise, here you go. It launched in a rough state but has over time become one of my favorite modern fighters, and you can jump in right now and pretend all the bumps in the road never happened. Neat! Also, Ryu and Chun-Li are in here as Power Rangers. That kind of thing happens these days.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 Deluxe Edition ($59.99)

This wild 3D brawler based on the popular manga My Hero Academia is available in a cheaper stand alone and a more expensive bundle with the second season pass, but I’m including this one simply because it tends to go on sale more often. Fans of the series will get a kick out of this game, and those who are new to My Hero will find this an enjoyable entry point that might lead to further exploration. Choose your favorite character and use their quirks to defeat the bad guys. Any further understanding of the plot than that will probably require some extracurricular reading, but the fights are satisfying either way.

And that’s the bunch. We even had a little guest appearance from our pal Mikhail, and would could be more in the spirit of the article than an unexpected team-up? Anyway, those are our picks for the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch. Do you have any favorites you don’t see here? Drop into the comments and let us know!

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