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By admin Feb 6, 2024

Over the last few weeks, there has been report after report pointing toward a huge shift in strategy for Xbox as a brand. These rumours have seemingly prompted Phil Spencer to state that Microsoft will be holding a “business event” next week to address what they call the “vision for the future of Xbox.”

This all kicked off with the rumour that both Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves could be making the leap over to other platforms, including the PlayStation 5. More evidence arrived in the form of a data mine that uncovered assets in Hi-Fi Rush’s latest update which seemingly pointed toward the game coming to both PS5 and Switch.

Since then, things have quickly picked up steam with reports emerging from several reliable sources that Microsoft are also considering bringing Starfield and Indiana Jones to competitor’s platforms as well. There was even word from reliable source Jeff Grubb that Microsoft is also considering having one of the defining Xbox brands come to PlayStation as well; Gears of War.

I also posted a story in which it was claimed that Xbox director Sarah Bond would be addressing this new direction for Xbox this Spring, but it seems Microsoft want to get ahead of the leaks and now plan on tackling the subject earlier.

“We’re listening and we hear you.” wrote Spencer on Twitter/X. “We’ve been planning a business update event for next week, where we look forward to sharing more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox. Stay tuned.”

Once again, it’s a reactive stance from Microsoft and Xbox rather than a proactive one, which has kind of been the story for the green console for years now. The messaging we’ve had from Xbox this generation has been muddled and confusing at times, but we do know that in the past Phil Spencer said they would consider games on a case-by-case basis in terms of exclusivity, leaving the door open for a moment like this.

Regardless of exactly what gets announced, it does seem like we’re on the cusp of a big change in the industry. Microsoft may opt for a softer strategy such as bringing their games to PlayStation and Switch a year or two after they launch, sort of like how PlayStation currently waits for a year or more before moving their titles over to PC. But on the other hand, if the rumours prove to be true we could be facing the likes of Starfield going multiplatform, and even Indiana Jones on the day of its release, a far more aggressive strategy. If that’s the case, nothing is stopping Xbox headliners like Halo and Forza from getting comfy on PlayStation, too.

These are exciting times, my friends.

By admin

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