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By admin Feb 6, 2024

Run out of currency for the summoning banner? You’ll need our How to Get Emeralds in Anime Last Stand then!

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense Roblox game that features a wide range of units to collect. What are these units, you ask? Anime characters! Yep, every unit in the game is based on an anime character from your favourite franchises. Obtain the strongest units in the game and place them in your defenses, as they wield their unique traits and techniques against your opponents.

For more information, visit the game’s official Roblox page. Before you head off, check out our How to Get Shards in Anime Last Stand to help you obtain new Techniques!

How to Get Emeralds in Anime Last Stand

There are 3 ways to farm Emeralds, so let’s get into it!

Completing Quests

Let’s start with the obvious way… completing quests! Not only do you obtain Emeralds for doing your story mission quests, but you also get EXP. There are a variety of quests to work through across each map, mode, and challenge. Just getting through the story levels will also grant you a neat amount of Emeralds.


One of the easiest ways to get Emeralds is by redeeming codes. However, this means you’re at the mercy of codes that randomly drop – which aren’t always guaranteed. It’s a good thing we’ve got an Anime Last Stand Codes guide to help you out! Using codes is a quick way to earn bundles of Emeralds at once.

Higher Difficulty Modes (Nightmare Mode)

It’s no secret that the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. Beating the Nightmare mode levels in Anime Last Stand grants you a larger amount of Emeralds, with the cost of it being extremely challenging. I recommend gathering a few players to join your team for this mode, so you can place additional units on the battlefield. Plus, it means all players can farm some Emeralds too, it’s a win-win!

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