Heaven Burns Red x Angel Beats! Crossover Brings Back Kanade and Yuri

By admin Feb 6, 2024
featured image for our new on Heaven Burns Red x Angel Beats! It features a bunch of characters from the game and the anime series like Kanade and Yuri.

Heaven Burns Red is hitting its second anniversary and celebrating the occasion with a lovely crossover. It’s their second collaboration event with Angel Beats! Titled ‘Beautiful the Blood,’ it brings some awesome new units and outfits. Follow along as we give you a complete lowdown of Heaven Burns Red x Angel Beats! crossover.

Heaven Burns Red x Angel Beats!

This year, Kanade and Yuri are back with stunning SSR alts, and the SR welfare unit is none other than Hisako. You’ll also get alt outfits for SS [Flying Sword] Kanade Tachibana and SS [Commonplace Extraordinary] Yuri Nakamura. Wondering how to snag S[Finally found our silver lining] Hisako Fuchida for your collection? Head over to the event shop and exchange your hard-earned rewards to snag this welfare unit.

There’s a new 2nd Anniversary commemorative select ticket set available. This set includes a ticket that lets you choose and exchange one SS style from the eligible options. And just a heads up, the quartz is not included in this set. On that note, take a peek at Heaven Burns Red x Angel Beats! crossover below!

What’s Heaven Burns Red?

Heaven Burns Red is an RPG full of drama and action, where the protagonist is a spirited psychic from Kansai. The title lets you gather a team of 6 girls and fight against extraterrestrials known as Cancer. You get a total of 48 playable characters. Unfortunately, the game isn’t global yet and is available only in Japan. You can check it out on the Google Play Store for more info!

 Angel Beats! is a 2010 anime series set in the afterlife. It features a rebellious group called the SSS (Afterlife Battlefront) fighting against the mysterious God ruling the realm. Before you leave, check out our other news on Starseed: Asnia Trigger Begins Pre-registrations In Korea!

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