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Looking for an Eversoul keepsake guide? Keepsakes are a crucial part of the character upgrading process in Eversoul. You equip them to increase your overall CP and character stats. Make sure to bookmark this page, as we plan to keep this guide up to date as time goes on.

Eversoul is a brand new gacha RPG that focuses on strategic combat. Collect a variety of characters – each with a stylish anime portrait. These characters are called Souls, and you must place them strategically in battle depending on their type.

There’s also a fun system where you can run your own little town. As you become the lord of Arkenine, you can assign part-time jobs. Keep the town clean during the day, and defeat dangerous hordes of monsters by night. For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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Eversoul Keepsake Guide

Now, let’s crack on with the guide.

Common Keepsakes – Grey

  • Faded Key – Shared Key
  • Faded Mirror – Shared Mirror
  • Faded Orgel – Shared Music Box
  • Faded Watch – Shared Watch

Rare Keepsakes – Blue

  • Orgel of Memories – Shared Music Box
  • Clock of Memories – Shared Clock
  • Clock of Secrets – Shared Clock
  • Key of Memories – Shared Key
  • Key of Secrets – Shared Key
  • Check back soon for more!

Epic Keepsakes – Purple

  • Mana-Imbued Hourglass
  • Mana-Imbued Folding Mirror
  • Mana-Imbued Table Clock
  • Mana-Imbued Orgel
  • Mana-Imbued Master Key
  • Mana-Imbued Pocket Watch
  • Mana-Imbued Safe Key
  • Mana-Imbued Table Mirror
  • Mana-Imbued Music Box
  • Mana-Imbued Snow Globe
  • Mana-Imbued Hand Mirror
  • Mana-Imbued Magic Key

Legendary Keepsakes – Golden

  • Orgel of Secrets – Shared Music Box
  • Exquisitely Engraved Master Key
  • Check back soon for more!

Eternal Keepsakes – Pink

  • Check back soon for more!

How to Obtain Eversoul Keepsakes

So, we’ve covered the list of keepsakes, but how do we get them?

  • Farm Epic and Rare keepsakes by playing through the Battlefront
  • You can find Legendary keepsakes in Legendary Chests
  • Earn them by progressing through the game’s content

How to Enhance Eversoul Keepsakes

  • Use Keepsake Enhance Stone’s to enhance a keepsake and receive 10 Keepsake EXP – this material can be obtained from Dimensional Labryinth and Daily Quests
  • Check back soon!

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