The Maw – 5th-10th February 2024

By admin Feb 5, 2024

The clouds over London have settled into the shapes of loading icons. The birds are singing old Celtic ditties. There are extinct species of fern growing through the vents of my i7 12700F. All these troubling signs point to but one, dire outcome: it’s time for another week of new videogame releases, and another week of feeding videogame gossip and reportage to the Maw, our weekly news liveblog.

Here are a few games we’re aiming the ol’ scrying crystals at this week: alchemy-themed puzzle adventure CLeM (6th Feb); 1980s-styled “Tetris + flying car” puzzler Space Garbage (6th Feb); Coven-building “4X card game” WitchHand (7th Feb); spoofy sci-fascist shooter Helldivers 2 (8th Feb); alt-theological dark fantasy The Inquisitor (8th Feb). Mind you, this week it’s all about the demos. That’s right, it’s time for another Steam Next Fest – have you had a chance to play any demos so far? Participating developers have taken to stuffing them up a few days in advance to beat the rush.

As ever, if there’s a game or a story you think we should cover, feel free to tip us off in the comments. Happy videogaming all.

By admin

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