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By admin Feb 5, 2024

The clock is winding down on the Planet Hulk season of Marvel Snap (Free), and soon all our favorite gamma-powered pals and their tough buddies will be heading into the background again. That means we’ve got a new season right around the corner, and as usual the nice folks at developer Second Dinner have given us all a sneak peek at what we can expect. The theme this time centers around the Black Order, Thanos’ elite team that actually kind of got punked out in the movies. Hm. Well, I assure you, they’re usually pretty tough! Let’s go through what we can expect to see when the Black Order season kicks off tomorrow.

As usual, the charming Ben Brode has done a video that lays it all out in comedic fashion. If you’re in the mood and are able to watch it, I recommend doing so. But I know you’re probably sitting in a super-important meeting right now trying to look like you’re not glancing at your phone in between boring PowerPoint slides from the manager, so allow me to explain it all in moderately discreet text and pictures.

First up, the Season Pass card. That’s the big one, right? For slapping down your $9.99 USD or equivalent, you’ll get access to a variety of goodies, but the chief among them is new card Black Swan. She’s a 2-Cost 3-Power card, and her On Reveal ability makes it so that until the end of your next turn, your 1-Cost cards will instead cost 0. That… could be interesting. Off the top of my head, I could see this ability being a great way to juice up Hit Monkey or simply throw some late-game wrenches into the works. I guess we’ll see how people end up using her.

Alright, on to the new weekly cards. You’ll as usual be able to buy these in the shop if you have enough tokens, or if you’re lucky you might pull them from a weekly cache. The first one is Supergiant, a 4-Cost 5-Power card with an On Reveal ability that makes it so all cards played next turn don’t reveal until the game ends. Use it to set up your strategy, or throw a wrench in your opponent’s plans. I would immediately say it’s a strong weapon against Destroy decks, but I can see it wreaking havoc with plenty of others as well.

Next, the ever-lovable Cull Obsidian. This big boy comes packing a whopping 10 Power at only 4 Cost, and I reckon you’re wondering what the catch is. Yes, there’s always a catch. Here, it’s that you can only play him where you have a 1-Cost card placed. But what if you were to combine him with someone like Zero? Hm. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of this guy in the future, but he’s fully open to a firm Shang-Chi strike if he becomes too much of a problem.

Corvus Glaive. One of the more popular members of the Black Order, and one of the most ridiculously blank-and-you’ll-miss-them to appear in the Avengers movies. In Marvel Snap, he’s a 3-Cost 5-Power card with a pretty nifty On Reveal ability. When you play Corvus Glaive, you’ll discard two cards from your hand and get +1 Max Energy. Feed your Discard deck and gain some energy to boot! Not bad. And a great partner for the last new card, Proxima Midnight. She’s a 4-Cost 6-Power card, and if she’s discarded she will jump to your lowest-Power location that has an open spot.

As for new locations, we’ve got a couple of cool ones. Sanctuary II adds a random Infinity Stone to your hand. Just like in the movie! Bonus points if you whip Hulk so hard he hides for an entire film afterwards. We’ve also got the Black Vortex, and it’s a nice slice of chaos for those who enjoy such locations. The first card you play at the Black Vortex will become a random 6-Cost card.

As usual, we’ll have our new deck building guide ready after we spend a couple of days with the new Season Pass card and see how it works. Look forward to that later this week. What do you think of this new season? Are you into it, or is it as boring as Cull Obsidian’s poetry? Feel free to sound off in the comments below and let us know every little thing you’re thinking about, as usual.

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