Starfield is getting AMD FSR 3 support in beta sometime next week

By admin Feb 4, 2024

Starfield‘s next update to appear on the Steam beta branch will add support for AMD’s FSR 3, the magic frame-boosting tech that makes games run smoother without extra strain on your hardware. It should arrive in beta next week and in a final release later this month, Bethesda say.

“We’re excited to share that @AMD FSR 3 is coming to @StarfieldGame’s Steam Beta next week!,” Bethesda tweeted yesterday. “#FSR 3 will be available to all PC players later this month ahead of our next scheduled update.”

Starfield shipped with support for FSR 2, which can handle upscaling and help performance in its own right. FSR 3 brings AMD more in line with Nvidia’s rival DLSS 3 however, by generating extra frames outside of the normal GPU rendering pipeline and slotting them in between the ‘real’ frames. The result is a higher framerate with no performance hit.

I’m writing all of this like I know what I’m talking about, but actually I just read three posts by hardware editor James Archer to find out what any of these things are.

FSR 3 started to roll out last year via magical shooters like Forspoken and Immortals Of Aveum.

Starfield still had no DLSS 3 support at launch, with modders swiftly doing the work of adding it. Bethesda added it themselves via a patch last November.

The previous Starfield patch left beta earlier this week, with a handful of graphical improvements to lighting and shadows and several dozen bug fixes. Larger content updates are apparently in the works, including city maps, new modes of travel and a paid expansion.

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