REVIEW: A Beloved Disney World Hotel Restaurant Let Me Down

By admin Feb 4, 2024

The pizza!!

This was already a little bit cold when I got it, but I didn’t really mind because it’s one of the most delicious quick service pizzas I’ve eaten in Disney World! There’s a hint of spice in the sauce and the meats, and you get a generous portion of pepperoni, sausage, and parmesan.

My one issue with ordering flatbread pizzas in Disney World is that they don’t give you a side. This would be filling for some people, but those with larger appetites might want to order something else or get a side dish.

They pre-cut it into slices

The other entree I wanted to try was the Lasagna for $12.49. It’s made with Italian sausage and ground beef, and comes with a side of garlic bread.

Lasagna and Garlic Bread

This has a good herbaceous flavor and there’s a great meat to pasta ratio here. However, this was served to me on the edge of being cold — I would’ve loved to have it fresh and warm, as I think that would’ve made a lot of difference in my enjoyment. It’s a pretty hefty dish overall though, and great for pasta lovers.

You get a decent portion!

The big downside to the lasagna is actually the garlic bread that comes on the side! It had a REALLY strong herby, earthy flavor that didn’t pair well with the dinner roll-style bread. It was also fairly chewy. I would’ve much preferred a typical garlic toast on the side instead.

Two thumbs down for the dinner roll!

Moving on to the sides, one of the popular items here at Primo Piatto is the Romano and Herbed Fries. They’re $4.99 and you get a pretty decent portion.

Romano and Herbed Fries

These are your typical Disney World quick service french fries, except they have the addition of romano cheese and some herbs. Like regular Disney fries, they’re great to eat when they’re hot and fresh, but your enjoyment of them will drop significantly as they cool off. 

The really weird thing about these is that they’re just topped with cold shredded cheese. They would be easier to eat and the flavors would blend more effectively if the cheese were warm and melty. I would’ve also preferred more cheese and herbs overall — most of what was in the container just fell to the bottom. Honestly, I left these feeling like they were a little overrated.

It’s just cold cheese on top.

But don’t worry, there’s room for recovery because dessert is up next! I had to try their classic Tiramisu for $6.79.


This held up surprisingly well! It has a nice light, fluffy texture with a mild coffee flavor near the top. However, the coffee gets STRONG as you make it to the bottom, and the cake base was incredibly moist, almost a little too wet.

Look how light and fluffy that is!

Last but not least, I got the prepackaged gelato to try! I decided to test the Toasted Honey Almond Gelato flavor for $5.79. I’m a big gelato girlie, so I was looking forward to this!

Toasted Honey Almond Gelato

Sadly, this was a pretty big letdown. The flavors were fine but the texture was all wrong. The gelato was frosty, so when I got a spoonful, I had to chew it instead of letting it melt in my mouth. There was a rich almond flavor and a hint of honey, and honestly, I think it would be delicious if it were fresh-scooped gelato. But sitting in a freezer in the back of the restaurant certainly didn’t do it any favors!

Sad little frosty gelato

So how does Primo Piatto perform overall?


In the end, I left my experience at Primo Piatto feeling a little confused. Both of the desserts came up short, and even the beloved Romano fries weren’t as good as I hoped. The two entrees were the stars of the meal, but both were served just a little bit colder than I would’ve liked.

Primo Piatto

Ultimately, I think this place is fine in terms of Disney World quick service restaurants, and it’s definitely ranking higher on the list for spots where you can order pizza, but it’s probably not going to crack my top 5 or top 10 fast food spots on property. However, they do have some really fun seasonal treats here from time to time, so I recommend checking those out!

Fruits Rouge Cheesecake

If you’re staying at the Riviera, you’ll probably be able to find something on the menu here that you enjoy. I just wouldn’t suggest going too far out of your way to eat here specifically!

Nosh or Not?

Take a journey to the Rivier and dine here if…

  • You’re staying at the Riviera or on the Skyliner. If you’re staying nearby and you want something a little more unique than the food you’d get at a cafeteria-style quick service, then this might be a good stop for you.
  • You’re planning on getting entrees. The entrees were the thing that really stood out to me here — that pizza was particularly delicious, and the lasagna was impressive for a quick service spot.

Skip this spot and dine elsewhere if…

  • You don’t have a tight food budget. If you’re visiting the Riviera and can afford to splurge a bit, I would more likely recommend Bar Riva or Topolino’s Terrace. Both restaurants are DFB favorites!
  • You’re not staying nearby. It’s probably not worth your time to come all the way out to Riviera, especially if you’re not staying on the Skyliner line. There are probably several other delicious quick service restaurants closer to you!

Primo Piatto

That’s a wrap on my visit to Primo Piatto — thanks for coming along! Stay tuned to DFB for more news and updates from Disney World, as well as all the restaurant reviews!

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