Lo-fi roguelite city-builder Tranquil Isle is a peaceful island getaway I can’t wait to take

By admin Feb 3, 2024

In these turbulent times, we could all do with a little more lo-fi in our lives. Delivering said remedy to the tickling of gentle piano and soft sunset palette hues is Tranquil Isle, a lovely-looking combination of city-builder and resource-management roguelite drifting in on the waves later this year. (Or you can just make pretty islands, if you prefer.)

Tranquil Isle tasks you with filling a procedurally-generated island full of delightful little houses, lighthouses and more, with what looks to be a fairly generous building-placement mechanic similar to viral building toybox Townscaper and its ilk. Each island will have a different theme – grasslands, desert, wintery and so on – and climate, with a day-night cycle dressing your burgeoning settlement in sundrenched pinks or moonlit blues appropriately as you arrange a variety of buildings and other landmarks around the isle.

Cover image for YouTube videoTranquil Isle Official Reveal Trailer

The roguelite mode is one of two ways to play, requiring players up for a more puzzle-like challenge (think Islanders or Dorfromantik) to tightly manage their resources and upgrades to ensure they can keep growing their town’s population. The other mode on offer, as you might expect, is a sandbox variant with no need to worry about running out of resources as you dot buildings around your island without restraints.

First-time indie developer Tom Daly is behind Tranquil Isle’s warm bath of a premise, joining up with Gourdlets and Summerhouse publisher Future Friends Games to bring the cozy city-builder to Steam later this year. Gosh, it looks lovely, doesn’t it?

By admin

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