Death Stranding 2 plays its nonsense with a completely straight face, and I absolutely love it

By admin Feb 3, 2024

Readers, I must confess. I was watching Sony’s State Of Play stream on Wednesday with a mind divided. I’d arranged with some pals to play an online board game with them that evening, and when news hit that it might actually be a reasonably big deal for us PC folks, I ambitiously thought: I can proooobably do both at the same time??? Reader, I was wrong, at least for the most part. The first 30 minutes of it was arguably fine, but then the 10-minute trailer for Death Stranding 2 arrived and I simply had to throw my hands up in defeat. I honestly did not understand what I was watching, and even several re-watches later, I’m still not 100% sure what Kojima thinks he’s playing at.

But hot damn, do I love it anyway.

By admin

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