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Why are Tsunami Game players hoarding bananas? What’s the chrome banana and why is it important? Why are you trading bananas for crates of bananas? All good questions. Fortunately, our Tsunami Game banana guide covers everything you need to know about the mysteries of the yellow fruit.

Tsunami Game is a Roblox game where you advance through an arena, avoiding the periodic huge waves that tear through the place. Is that all there is to it, though? The game is filled with secrets. Conquer the banana market, escape the arena, and even strike deals with extraterrestrials.

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Tsunami Game Banana Guide

So, let’s get to the topics, shall we?


At face value, bananas are a pretty straightforward item. They cost 25 Points each, and they stack. When you drop one onto the ground, anyone stepping on it will slip over.. not something you want in the Tsunami Game arena. Unslipped bananas drop after 10 minutes.

Simple, right?

Wrong. Read on.

Bob Robert

Bob Robert is an NPC you find through a secret passage on the third cave on the right of the arena. This NPC buys bananas from you at a higher cost than you buy them in the item stall. The cost varies, and you can check the chart next to his counter.

Importantly, Bob Robert sells banana crates. Banana crates trade with the alien Ayy Lamo as part of a quest.

The Chrome Banana

Now we’re getting deep into it. In Bob Robert’s den there’s a locked door. If you want to open it, you need the Chrome Banana. To acquire that, first you need to escape. Complete 100 crossings on the server, then duck into the third cave on the left of the arena. A passage should let you up into the desert.

Pass the arena building and head toward the hills on the other side and you’ll find Ayy Lamo, the alien. He’ll offer to open the passage, if you give him a Chrome Banana. He also gives you the power to get one!

After speaking to Ayy Lamo, head to the second cave on either side. The wall should look a little… different. You can walk through now. Walk through and you’ll drop into a pit, grabbing the Chrome Banana.

Now, return it to Ayy Lamo and he’ll unlock the passage, making an easy route to him from Bob Robert’s shop.

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