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By admin Feb 2, 2024

Oh, Kojima, you really do know how to get people excited, don’t you? PlayStation has announced Physint, a new game from Hideo Kojima that will see the industry icon returning to the action-espionage genre he once made famous with Metal Gear Solid.

Hideo describes his new game as a “next-generation action espionage game” which naturally conjures up visions of his legendary Metal Gear Solid franchise. However, this new game will be a brand new IP because MGS is still owned by Konami. Unless the big twist in Physint is that the lead character rips off his face to reveal that it was Big Boss all along. To be honest, with Kojima, I could totally see that happening.

Kojima has stated that production won’t begin in earnest until Death Stranding 2: On the Beach has launched in 2025, which is perfectly understandable as his studio, Kojima Productions, is also working on a horror game by the name OD for Xbox.

“We have extensive experience with Sony, having grown the espionage genre together for almost 30 years. Also, Sony not only does games but does movies and music. It will definitely be a strong collaboration.” said Kojima

“Two years from now, I will celebrate the 40th anniversary of my game production career. I am confident that this title will be the culmination of my work.

“Of course, it is an interactive game, but it is also a movie at the same time, in terms of look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion and sound. With this title, we hope to transcend the barriers between film and video games.”

Kojima has often talked about trying to meld movies and games, hence the infamously lengthy cutscenes found in the Metal Gear Solid games which topped out at a whopping 71 minutes at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. Perhaps this new game can combine movies and games in a way that finally feels right.

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