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By admin Feb 2, 2024

Over the past few weeks numerous rumours have circulated suggesting that Hi-Fi Rush, a Microsoft first-party title, might be coming to rival platforms PlayStation 5 and Switch. New evidence has appeared courtesy of a data miner from Tumblr claiming to have found platform specific t-shirt textures within the latest update for Hi-Fi Rush.

The rumours first started when Nate the Hate referenced a critically acclaimed Xbox exclusive making its way to other consoles in 2024. Just a day later, more trustworthy sources picked up the story and indicated that Hi-Fi Rush was indeed the game Nate was referring to, and a PS5 release was also on the cards.

That brings us to now. A week ago Tango Gameworks released a new patch for Hi-Fi Rush that also included a new anniversary t-shirt bundle character Chai to wear. There’s seven in total, with four of them being available to everyone. The other three t-shirts are locked to specific platforms, with Xbox, Steam and the Epic Game Store all getting their own unique designs. The Epic Store design, for example, reads, “This is unreal epic”

Tumblr user Random-Cattai claims to have found two other t-shirt designs within the update, which Random-Cattai pulled from the game using Umodel.

The first new shirt has a red background with white text and reads, “Rock out anywhere!” which would certainly fit the Switch. The other new shirt has a blue background and is emblazoned with a dramatic silhouette of Chai and the words, “I’m here baby!”

Tom Warren, the senior editor at The Verge, tweeted out his support for the shirts being real. “I can confirm that the Hi-Fi Rush datamine is legit and these t-shirt texture files are in the game. It looks like Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch” he wrote.

While neither t-shirt design references Switch or PlayStation directly, their designs and inclusion within the game’s latest update is certainly compelling evidence that Microsoft intends on shopping Hi Fi Rush around.

The idea has caused a lot of controversy online. Nobody seems to have an issue with more people getting to play the amazing Hi Fi Rush, but there is concern that Microsoft is going back on its word about exclusive games, and that if Hi Fi Rush can make the leap then so can other games. In essence, the argument that long-time Xbox fans present is that after buying an Xbox and sticking with the platform, it could turn out to be a waste of money if all the exclusive games can wind up on other platforms anyway. At that point, why own an Xbox?

Of course, this is all speculation right now. Microsoft have yet to announce any plans to bring Hi Fi Rush to their competitor’s machines. If they do, though, it would be a monumental moment and a potential signal that Microsoft is shifting to a new plan, one where an Xbox won’t be the only console you can play first-party Microsoft games on.

Well, if you don’t count Minecraft, that is. Or Call of Duty. Or that Ori game….

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