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By admin Feb 2, 2024

Curious about the best ways to get money in Grimoires Era? I’ve got 3 tips that should help you out with that!

Grimoires Era is a Roblox game based on the Black Clover franchise. Utilise your Grimoire in battle, upgrade your character, and embark on an adventure through the world of Clover Kingdom. Collect more Grimoires via the gacha system and hope that luck is on your side – you may even get a Mythical Grimoire! Work through quests, put your skills to the test, and unleash your magical abilities on the battlefield.

To learn more about Grimoires Era, and to try it out for yourself, visit the game’s official Roblox page! Before you head off to play more Grimoires Era, brush up on your game knowledge with our Grimoires Era Mana Sense guide, or our How to Get a Grimoire in Grimoires Era guide.

How to Get Money in Grimoires Era

If you’re trying to farm money in Grimoires Era, you’re in the right place. I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to earn in-game Yen as quickly and easily as possible. You need plenty of Yen at all times, as you can use it to purchase abilities and items.

A few examples are the Mana Light, Broom, and Mana Sense! Plus, you sometimes have to successfully complete mini-games after spending the Yen, and if you fail, you have to spend the Yen again for another attempt. Anyway, let’s take a look at what you can do to earn money in Grimoires Era!


Now, this isn’t the game term for farming… I mean literal farming. There’s a certain stall and NPC (not too far away from the main town hub) that provides you with easy quests to harvest vegetables from the soil. Each time you complete the quest, you earn 500 Yen! I reckon this is the quickest method of obtaining money, but I guess it can get a little boring after a while.

Quests and Mob Fights

As you’d expect, completing any type of quest rewards you with Yen and EXP. However, I recommend defeating all enemies that you come across if you’re in need of some extra cash. If your character is strong enough, you won’t struggle against most mobs, but take note of their maximum HP before you go in all guns blazing.


Lastly, boss battles reward you with a decent amount of Yen. However, the bosses in Grimoires Era are notably difficult and have a respawn timer. You need to make sure your stats are compatible with the strength of the boss before attempting to beat them, or get some other players to help you out. The respawn timer does draw out this entire process quite a bit, however, you can hop onto a different server to see if any of the bosses have already spawned there.

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