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This month’s new Apple Arcade games are rolling out now on the App Store. For some reason, Apple announced both Apple Arcade Originals for February 2024 back in early January. Barring the two games now available, I’m curious what this means for the future of the service. Are we going to get March 2024’s Apple Arcade games revealed this week and will we only get two games per month? I’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, the games for this month are the unique 3v3 online action game featuring animal heroes piloting powerful mechanized armors in BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team and new word puzzler Words in Progress. We will likely see more games updated through the coming weeks as well. Check out some gameplay of the 3v3 online action game BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team below:

Words in Progress is a puzzler that includes asynchronous multiplayer, multiple language support, an endless mode, and more. Both BEAST and Words in Progress should be available worldwide as of this writing. Alongside the new games for February, there will be updates for Crayola Create and Play+, Jetpack Joyride 2, Cut the Rope 3, Snake.io+, Puzzle & Dragons Story, Cityscapes: Sim Builder, stitch., WHAT THE CAR?, Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go, and more through the month. Check out the Words in Progress art below:

You can get Beast Bio Exo Arena Suit Team here and Words in Progress here on Apple Arcade. Check out our new forum threads for Beast Bio Exo Arena Suit Team here and Words in Progress here. Head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum here for news and discussions around all the games on the service. What do you think of this month’s releases?

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