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By admin Feb 1, 2024

Sony has officially confirmed what was already known thanks to leaks: Until Dawn is coming natively to PlayStation 5 and PC this year.

The new version of Until Dawn was shown off at Sony’s State of Play event held today and will bring Supermassive’s horror hit from 20015 to both PC and PS5. Development duties are being handled by the UK-based studio Ballistic Moon.

However, some confusion has already stemmed from the announcement. Ballistic Moon describes the game as  “rebuilt and enhanced” which would seem to imply a full remake, whereas the official PlayStation blog calls it an “enhanced” version.

According to the blog, the entire game has been rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 and thus would count as a full-blown remake. A little clarity on the wording would have gone a long way there, Sony.

A major component of this is a brand-new third-person camera system that will let you look anywhere, meaning Ballistic Moon will have had to expand on the existing areas to account for player’s being able to peek around every corner and behind every boulder.

A new score will also be included from horror composer Mark Korven who has worked on things like 2015’s The Witch, a genuinely creepy movie that I can’t recommend enough.

Whether this is going to be a full-priced release or maybe even a $10 upgrade for existing owners was not revealed. And strangely, the original PS4 version of Until Dawn is currently unavailable to purchase. If this isn’t a mistake then it means you won’t be able to play the original version of the game unless you already own it on PlayStation 4.

As for a release date, it’s coming out sometime this year. Talk about vague.

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