How To Level Up In Love and Deepspace – Hunter Level and Companionship Level Guide!

By admin Feb 1, 2024
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Want to know how to level up in Love and Deepspace? My guide tells you the simplest ways to accumulate EXP for both your Hunter Level and Companionship Level.

Love and Deepspace is a unique 3D Otome game that takes place in a futuristic sci-fi world. You play as a Deepspace Hunter, who is tasked to destroy all ‘Wanderers’ in the surprisingly engaging real-time combat system. During your journey, you’ll interact with a range of characters, including 3 in particular that may or may not become love interests over time…

You can check out Love and Deepspace over on the Play Store! We also covered a Love and Deepspace Characters guide. Plus, Love And Deepspace Codes for those extra freebies!

How To Level Up In Love and Deepspace

Love and levelling!

Hunter Level

By now you should be familiar with the Hunter Level system of the game. This is the core levelling of the game and helps determine your progress in the game. If you’re an active player who checks in daily then you will benefit the most from doing the Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks.

For less active players, it’s still worth taking part in the tasks, but you’ll notice that you don’t accumulate Hunter Levels as quickly. This has its perks though as the Hunter Level has a daily cap to ensure you aren’t “speedrunning” the game. Love and Deepspace want you to take your time and enjoy the interactions after all!

Don’t worry too much about the level cap though as the EXP accumulated is transferred to the next day so nothing is lost!

Companionship Level

Now if you’re after developing your relationship with your husbando, then this section is the one you need. Anytime you spend with your favourite guy will increase your companionship level with him, but there are some things you can do to boost that further if you’re not making enough progress.

  • Level up Memories associated with your fave
  • Complete their side quest stories and cutscenes
  • Obtain more of their Memories
  • Interact with them in the in-game Mobile Phone feature
  • Battle alongside them

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