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Want to level up fast and aren’t sure where all the EXP is? My Grimoires Era Quests guide can help with that. I’ve convenietely lay out all the quests up to date with the level reccomendation so you can gague where you’re supposed to be.

Grimoires Era is a Roblox game based on the Black Clover franchise. Utilise your Grimoire in battle, upgrade your character, and embark on an adventure through the world of Clover Kingdom. Collect more Grimoires via the gacha system and hope that luck is on your side – you may even get a Mythical Grimoire! Work through quests, put your skills to the test, and unleash your magical abilities on the battlefield.

To learn more about Grimoires Era, and to try it out for yourself, visit the game’s official Roblox page. Fan of Black Clover? We’ve got some guides on another Black Clover-inspired Roblox game too! Take a look at our Clover Retribution Magic guide and our Clover Retribution Trait tier list.

Grimoires Era Quests

Very conveneitely the main quest line NPCs are all named Quest Giver 1Quest Giver 2 and so on. The main struggle is locating them all, but the flow of the game has you naturally explore so you’ll find them easily if you follow the order! In this part of the guide, I will list each of the Quest Givers and what quests they offer with the level reccomendataion.

Quest Giver 1

This panicked gent is your introductory to the game combat mechanics. You’ll be tasked with pummeling bandits until you’re well experienced. Don’t forget to use the Stat Points you accumulate from levelling up!

  • Bandit – Level 1
  • Strong Bandit – Level 10
  • Evil Old Man – Level 20
    • The Evil Old man is also the first boss you encounter!

Quest Giver 2

Now you’re more skilled you can move onto the second Quest Giver who is troubled by more powerful enemies than those you’ve faced so far.

  • Evil Nobleman – Level 30
  • Desert Wizard – Level 40
  • Fire Wizard – Level 50

Quest Giver 3

I hope you’re not sick of battling Wizards! This next Quest Giver despises them so your next three foes are all fierce Wizards. This is also where your quests begin getting difficult with longer strides between level requirements.

  • Corrupt Wizard – Level 75
  • Corrupt Dark Wizard – Level 100
  • Boss Corrupt Wizard – Level 125

Quest Giver 4

Wizards squashed you’re back to the Bandits! Not the early-game ones though. These Bandits know of your history with their weaker pals and aren’t happy.

  • Commoner Bandit – Level 150
  • Nobleman Bandit – Level 175
  • Royal Bandit – Level 200

Quest Giver 5

The corrupt enemies have resurfaced

  • Corrupt Blacksmith – Level 225
  • Commoner Corrupt – Level 250
  • Corrupt Nobleman – Level 300

Quest Giver 6

This is the final Quest Giver (for now) and you’ll be facing off against more knights. These guys are more powerful than anyone else you’d have faced so far so be sure you have all your best kit equipped

  • Corrupt Magic Knight – Level 350
  • Corrupt Senior Magic Knight – Level 400
  • Exhiled Magic Knight Captain – Level 450

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