Devil May Cry 3 HD and Devil May Cry 4 have been delisted from Steam, PSN and Xbox – WGB

By admin Feb 1, 2024

Two Devil May Cry games have mysteriously vanished from Steam, PSN and Xbox, and Capcom has yet to comment on why.

Wario64 on X initially spotted that the Steam listings for Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition and Devil May Cry 4 have been delisted. I’ve also checked the PlayStation and Xbox stores and they seem to have been removed from there as well. The Nintendo store is the exception as you can still buy the first three games individually, presumably because the Switch does not have the HD Collection.

Both games are still available in other forms, though. Devil May Cry 3 can be bought as part of the Devil May Cry HD collection, which combines the original trilogy into one package. Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 4 can be picked up in its Special Edition form.

People quickly speculated that this could be down to music licensing issues, a fairly common reason why games get removed from storefronts as companies aren’t willing to renew the licenses for old games. However, in this case, that doesn’t seem likely since both games are readily available in different forms.

My working theory is that Capcom has done this to simplify the Devil May Cry lineup of games so that now anybody looking to buy them will have a single package for the original trilogy, DMC4: SE and Devil May Cry 5 to choose from.

Whatever the reason, the removals bring up a few issues. While in terms of content, the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 4 is the better option due to an extra three characters,, the vanilla edition is often heralded by hardcore fans as the best way to play the game due to changes introduced in the Special Edition. Some cite improved latency in the vanilla version and performance issues in the Special Edition.

Capcom has yet to issue an explanation.

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