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Early on in your Arcane Lineage journey and hungry for a boss to test your mettle against? Then our guide to King Slime in Arcane Lineage is for you.

Arcane Lineage is a turn-based RPG playable through Roblox. In it, you build up a character, choosing a Class along the way, and defeat monsters in tactical combat with timing-based mini games for certain moves. You can also take on imposing boss battles, the first of which you’re likely to encounter being King Slime. This guide will teach you all you need to know about this esteemed foe.

Arcane Lineage is available to play on Roblox. For more on the game, check out our Arcane Lineage Artifacts guide.

A Guide To King Slime In Arcane Lineage

You can encounter King Slime in the forest area just outside of the game’s starting hub of Caldera Town. He doesn’t appear randomly, however: he only spawns in after you’ve defeated 50 normal slimes in random battles. He can spawn in multiple times, so don’t worry if you encounter him accidentally and he catches you unprepared: you’ll have another chance in future.

When King Slime does appear, you’ll be able to spot him easily thanks to his large blue body and the crown on his head. He’ll be wandering around in the forest after he spawns in, so you can challenge him at your leisure. King Slime has 400 HP and 2 Regen, meaning he’ll take a while to wear down. We’d recommend being at least level 30 before you attempt to take him on, especially if you’re playing solo.

King Slime has access to the following skills and attacks:

  • Slime Creation – Summons a standard Slime enemy to the battle on King Slime’s side.
  • Crush – A powerful physical attack.
  • Poison Eruption – A physical AOE attack that inflicts the Poison status.
  • Scalding Spray – An AOE attack that inflicts the Poison and Burn statuses.

In terms of elements, King Slime is weak to both Fire and Poison, taking 120% damage from each. If you have skills that deal damage of these types, you’ll have an easier time wearing down his huge HP pool.

Once you finally overthrow this jiggling monarch, you’ll get a chance at his unique drops. These are the Slime Buckler and the Gelat Ring, both excellent items for early-game characters.

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