Pick up the elegant Asus AP201 Micro ATX case for just $65

By admin Jan 31, 2024

The Asus Prime AP201 Micro ATX case is down to $65 on Amazon US, a great price for a SFF case that’s attracted warm reviews since launching in 2022.

The AP201 offers excellent compatibility with a wide range of cooling hardware and graphics cards, plus excellent thermals and easy buildability. It even has a classy, understated look that’s the polar opposite of Asus’ ROG designs. That’s pretty much the full set when it comes to small form factor PC cases, so consider jumping on this one while you can!

Drilling down closer into the AP201, this case really can fit a surprising amount of hardware. CPU air coolers can be up to 170mm high and AiO liquid coolers can be up to 360mm long, while GPUs can be up to 338mm – enough to accommodate even Nvidia’s giant RTX 4090.

Front I/O is also good, with two full-size USB-A ports, one USB-C and separate 3.5mm headphone and microphone ports. Almost every side features a ventilated mesh design, allowing easy access to fresh air for every component in your system, and these are also easily removeable to make that initial build or post-build maintenance easier.

Overall, this is a great value case at $65 and well worth considering against Mini ITX alternatives – especially as its footprint is barely larger than many Mini ITX cases and you get access to significantly cheaper (and sometimes more full-featured) Micro ATX motherboards.

By admin

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