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So you’ve leveled up to level 30 and got your first grimoire. What did you get? The type of grimoire has a big impact on what kind of powers are available to you, so knowing what each of them does is quite a big deal. Fortunately, our Grimoires Era grimoires guide runs over what each of them does.

Grimoires Era is a Roblox game based around the legendary anime, Black Clover. Enter a world where magic is the norm and everyone receives a grimoire that helps them direct their elemental magic. There’s a grimoire waiting for you too, but you’re going to have to earn it.

Check out Grimoires Era on Roblox. Want some more of it? Try our Grimoires Era race guide.

Grimoires Era Grimoires Guide

Here we’ll go over details of each of the existing grimoires and what they have to offer.

Common Grimoires

The most common grimoires, with a 60% chance of rolling these in the gacha.


The Regen grimoire focuses on healing rather than damage, though the Vampire Regen does have a more aggressive element. It has the following moveset:

  • Self Regen
  • Area Regen
  • Vampire Regen


A more fight grimoire that focuses on hard physical strikes. It’s got some neat moves that unlock pretty early. It has the following moveset:

  • Crusher
  • Grimoire
  • Punch
  • Transformation

Uncommon Grimoires

Less common, you have a 23% chance of rolling this grimoire.


The Bronze grimoire sees you manipulating metal wire, sometimes to devastating effect. It has the following moveset.

  • Bronze Whip
  • Double Bronze Whip
  • Sequential Bronze Whip
  • Bronze Area

Rare Grimoires

Only a 12% chance of getting one of these in a roll.


A high-temperature grimoire that specializes in devastating AoE attacks. It has the following moveset.


A versatile grimoire that lets you deal damage with big AoEs, but also comes with its own healing skill.

Epic Grimoires

You have a 4% chance of rolling these. Quite a small chance!


An impressive grimoire that comes with a wicked sword and a teleportation move. The Ultimate has massive range, too. It has the following moveset:

Legendary Grimoires

You’ll only run into one of these very rarely. 0.9% chance, to be exact.


A very strong grimoire that brings ranged moves, AoE attacks, and even a transformation with a magical weapon and flight. Awesome! The moveset is as follows:

  • Spear
  • Hurricane
  • Sharp
  • Transform

Mythical Grimoires

There’s a tiny 0.1% chance of rolling one of these.

Anti Magic

The rarest of all grimoires, and it’s kitted out. A sword, the ability to fly, impressive moves, and a transformation that gives you a sick wing style.

  • Slash
  • Hurricane
  • Liberation
  • Transform

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