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By admin Jan 30, 2024

Today, Square Enix has surprised us all by pushing out major updates for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series on Steam (h/t to TouchArcade reader @Morwull), iOS, and Android. That’s good news right? Well, it is for Steam players, but not as much for mobile players. Before getting into the bad news, the games finally have controller support on mobile now. They also have the new boost features included in the console versions. The downside is the new BGM options and the classic font option are only in the Steam update. The mobile version didn’t get these for some reason. I hope they are added in the near future.

To celebrate the major updates, Square Enix has discounted the games on mobile until February 14th. Discounts on the games in this series are quite rare, and I can’t recall if the bundle has ever been discounted on iOS yet. If you’re curious about the platform differences across all current releases (before today’s update), read my feature here. You can also read Shaun’s dedicated Switch bundle review here and special RPG Reload here. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster bundle is usually $64.99, but it is down to $47.99 right now. This includes all six games.

The pixel remaster discounts on iOS are below:
Final Fantasy ($8.99)
Final Fantasy II ($8.99)
Final Fantasy III ($12.99)
Final Fantasy IV ($12.99)
Final Fantasy V ($12.99)
Final Fantasy VI ($12.99)

Check out the discounts on Android here. I hope Square Enix brings all the changes over this year to mobile following today’s update. Until then, my favorite version of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series is now back to the Steam Deck version. Check out the detailed Steam patch notes here. On the console side, the PS4 version on PS5 is the best version of the games. If you aren’t sure about what to get, read Shaun’s reviews linked with the game discounts above. Will you be re-installing or grabbing the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series games now that they have controller support on mobile?

Update: Added information on the update content for iOS, Android, and Steam.

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