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By admin Jan 30, 2024

Struggling with the first big choice in Robending Online? It’s a tough one. Which element will you pick? Or no element at all? With only five icons and not a lot to go on it’s easy to feel a bit unsure how to proceed. Don’t worry though, in our Robending Elements guide we have some ideas on how to help you make the difficult choice.

Robending is a Roblox game inspired by the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Avatar: Legend Of Korra. Select your element and head out into the world where elemental powers are part of the norm.. for now at least. The Anti-Element movement is growing, and there’s all kinds of trouble brewing.

You can play Robending Online on Roblox. Want some more guides for it? Check out our Robending Best Element guide.

Robending Elements Guide

Below we’ve detailed each of the elements, and a little about them!


  • Sub-Elements: Combustion, Lightning

A sparky element that gives you a diverse and hard-hitting moveset. This element is the gateway to some of the most devastating subtypes, if you are luck enough to roll them.


  • Sub-Elements: Healing, Blood

A fun element that can open the door for either powerhouse that is Bloodbending, or a career in support for a party with the Healing skills.


  • Sub Elements: Metal, Lava, Seismic, Sand

As solid as a rock, this element combines an excellent base moveset with a big range of different sub-elements. You’ve got the best chance of scoring the extra moves with Earth, though some of its subtypes are far better than others.


  • Sub-Elements: Spiritual Projection, Flight

This element gives a robust moveset, with sub-elements that bring interesting, if not especially powerful extra skills to the table in later levels. Who doesn’t love flying.


This enigmatic fifth option gives you no element at all, but you’re not without tools at your disposal. This style lets you make use of gadgets to succeed, and should be due a big expansion in the near future. You’ll need to wait for updates to get the full potential, though.

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