Is Disney’s NEW To-Go Meal Actually Worth $35? We Have THOUGHTS 😬

By admin Jan 30, 2024

Disney switches up their menu offerings pretty often. Nearly as often, we don’t even get a heads up!

Hungry Bear Restaurant

We pay close attention to all the different menus around Disney World and Disneyland to let you know when something changes. If you’ve been looking for a quick option to scarf down while you’re exploring Disneyland, this new option over at Hungry Bear Restaurant may be right up your alley. This quick-service eatery provides an open-air dining spot where you can grub on hearty dishes like burgers, chicken sandwiches, hearty salads, and even loaded sides. There’s something new at Hungry Bear, though, and we’re headed to check it out!

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Hungry Bear Restaurant now offers Adult On-The-Go Boxes, which come with your choice of entree, two sides, a beverage, and your choice of a Nestlé® Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar or Outshine® Strawberry Fruit Bar for $35.

On The Go Boxes

We decided to grab the BBQ Ribs meal and give it a try.

BBQ Ribs On-The-Go Meal

The best part about this meal was the ribs by far — the meat was tender and came right off the bone.

The Wings

The sauce had a sweet BBQ flavor with a little bit of a tang and a hint of smoky BBQ, which we loved.


Both of the sides were just okay. The mashed potatoes had a slight buttery flavor but that was it — there wasn’t much going on with them.

Mashed Potatoes

The broccoli was steamed and had a bit of a sweet, earthy flavor, and while the texture wasn’t super soft and mushy, it wasn’t too hard or crunchy either.


The Mickey Ice Cream Bar was the classic dessert you’d get at any stand, so while we enjoyed it, it wasn’t anything special.

Classic Mickey Ice Cream Bar

If you’re looking for something REALLY quick that you can walk around the park and eat, this is a good option, but we really don’t think it’s worth the money. In fact, you can order a normal entree, beverage, and dessert at this restaurant for LESS than this On-The-Go Box. Plus, the typical entrees we’ve had here have been better.


Overall, we don’t think this is a great route to go for most people, especially if they want more options for their dining. Plus, a lot of folks probably don’t want to spend an arm and a leg when they could spend less at the same spot. However, dining in at the restaurant is more expensive (by about $3), and it comes with a Fantasmic! dining package. So by buying the On-The-Go box, you don’t have to pay a few extra dollars if you don’t care about having special seating for Fantasmic!.

Fantasmic! in Disneyland

We’re always here to bring you the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to DFB!

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How do you feel about these new On The Go boxes? Tell us in the comments!

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