You’ll probably have to wait decades for a Final Fantasy 6 remake, but do we really need one?

By admin Jan 29, 2024

Plenty of Final Fantasy 6 fans are clamouring for a remake, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase says if it does happen, it’ll take a very long time.

Over the weekend, French YouTuber Julien Chièze shared a video of an interview between him and Kitase, where the developer was asked to expand upon earlier comments he’s made about a hypothetical Final Fantasy 6 remake – including the fact that many staff at Square Enix want one too. As translated by Shinra Archaeology Deparment on Twitter, Kitase noted that the Final Fantasy 7 remake project leading up to Rebirth has taken about 10 years itself. If Square Enix was to remake Final Fantasy 6, he estimates it might take double that amount of time, even suspecting that it would be bigger than the Final Fantasy 7 remakes, given how many characters there are.

Cover image for YouTube videoEXCLUSIF 🚨 Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth : infos inédites avec Hamaguchi et Kitase (Unreal Engine, FF6…)

Given that there’s still one more Final Fantasy 7 remake part to come out following Rebirth’s release next month, a Final Fantasy 6 remake would easily take at least two decades by Kitase’s count, which is quite the length of time to spend on remaking just one game. Kitase again also noted how there are a lot of people internally that want to remake the game, but he isn’t able to confirm they will at this point in time, even if that isn’t what he wants himself.

There’s obviously the question of whether we even need a remake – I’m a Final Fantasy 7 Remake lover, so don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal of it, but I also don’t think it desperately needed one either. The original games are special and good as they are, and the need to constantly update things to modern standards feels like a bit of a misguided desire. But hey, maybe I’m wrong; after all, it would be sick as hell to see a train getting suplexed in 3D.

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