Euro Truck Simulator 2 is pining for the fjords with a Nordic expansion

By admin Jan 29, 2024

When times get tough and winter seems endless, just remember the wise words of many a mesh-back cap: keep on trucking. What welcome news, then, that yet another expansion is in the works for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The ‘Nordic Horizons’ expansion will offer new routes including through Finland’s Lapland, Sweden’s Norrland, and up through Norway all the way to the Arctic Ocean, with pretty things to admire ranging from bridges and tunnels to cute fishing villages and reindeer. That’ll keep you trucking when daylight dips below six hours in Norway, though you might need to wait a few years for it.

Cover image for YouTube videoEuro Truck Simulator 2 – Nordic Horizons DLC Reveal Teaser

“The expansion features expansive fjords of Norway all the way to the Arctic Ocean, challenging bridges, underwater tunnels, and narrow roads, complete with encounters with reindeer and coastal fishing villages,” developers SCS Software say in the marketing blurb. “Drive through Sweden’s Norrland, offering a diverse environment, from settled regions along the main E4 road to the barren hills of the Scandinavian mountains. Finland’s Lapland, with its dense coniferous forests to the expansive barren tundra, presents a stark contrast to the southern part of the country.”

As one of the people who enjoys Truck Sim as Big Rig Tourism Sim, yes, please, thank you. While the distant fantasy of American Truck Simulator is my go-to, isn’t Norway basically the Pacific North West of Europe?

As for when it’ll be out, SCS say in the announcement, “There is still a very long road ahead of us and it may take about two years before we can release this DLC”. To help you remember, you can wishlist it on Steam.

SCS also have a team working on a Greece expansion for Euro Truck Sim 2, while another are reworking Switzerland. They had been making a Russian expansion for ETS2 but indefinitely postponed that following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Across the Atlantic, American Truck Sim’s next states added in expansions will be Nebraska, Arkansas, and Missouri.

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