Somehow, we haven’t seen the last of The Day Before, as dev returns with bizarre statement

By admin Jan 28, 2024

The saga of The Day Before is clearly not over. After years of over-promising on features, a questionable trademark dispute, and multiple significant delays the game officially came out on Steam. Players immediately realised it was a different game from the one that was shown off for years.

In just a few days, the game speedran through its demise arc, starting off with a Mostly Negative Steam user review rating, which prompted people to look over every statement developer Fntastic made over the years, every trailer released (and later deleted) and pretty much rip into it 24/7.

This has lead to the game being removed from sale, Steam issuing refunds, and Fntastic announcing its closure, apologising for the game’s issues by saying “s**t happens.” Usually, that would be the end of it, but that is sadly not the case.

Once The Day Before got removed from sale, and players were issued refunds, Fntastic went silent, but the developer has now returned to issue a lengthy statement lashing out at a whole lot of people.

The statement was posted to the studio’s existing Twitter account. It may not surprise you to learn that once everyone started calling it out, the statement was removed. PCGamesN wisely took a screenshot of the tweet.

The tweet is unnecessarily long, and is split into different sections, seemingly set up as a response to some recent reports citing developers who worked on the game. Fntastic blabbers on about not taking any money from players during development (a point it made in the past), and that all players were refunded once the game shut down.

There were apparently some concerns that Fntastic deceived its publisher, Mytona, which the statement says is not true. Strangely, despite announcing the studio’s closure following The Day Before’s disastrous launch, Fntastic says “we still have a great relationship with our publisher.”

That all makes sense to me. | Image credit: Fntastic, PCGamesN

The second half of the statement calls out “certain bloggers” for seemingly making “huge money” by creating “false content” for views. That has, according to the statement, incentivised other content creators to jump on the bandwagon and further contribute to that apparent “hate campaign” against it.

Then we get to what is truly the unhinged part of this statement, which I’m going to relay in full for you below because I cannot make any sense of it myself.

“Remember the experiment where you’re asked to count pink objects in a room and then recall the blue ones? You won’t remember any. It’s all about focus. The negative bias instilled by certain bloggers making money on hate affected perceptions of the game.”

Perhaps the most bizarre of all is how the statement ends; asking players to follow Fntastic’s social channels to “know what will happen next,” which follows a section citing how some copies were being sold on certain key sites for upwards of $200, as well as the apparent existence of petitions asking for development to continue, as proof that this was somehow a targeted campaign aiming to make The Day Before fail.

Who knows what the next exciting chapter in this saga is going to be. If you’re actually looking for some good survival games, we’ve got a list of the best survival games of all time where you can get started.

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