LG’s C3 OLED is brilliant for PC gaming and 10% off at Amazon UK

By admin Jan 28, 2024

LG’s OLED TVs are brilliant for PC gaming at 4K 120Hz with FreeSync and G-Sync support – and if you want to pick up their premiere 2023 model at a discount, this is the RPS deals post for you. Right now both the desktop-sized 42-inch model and the living-room-size 55-inch LG C3 are 10% off at Amazon UK. After the discount, the 42-inch model is £809, while the 55-inch size is £1084 – great value for the amount of high-end TV you’re getting!

The LG C3’s 55-inch OLED panel compares favourably to more traditional panel technologies, with perfect contrast, near-instant pixel response times, wide viewing angles, gorgeous colour reproduction and impactful HDR. TN, IPS and VA alternatives feel almost antiquated by comparison.

OLED does have some drawbacks too, such as a non-traditional subpixel layout that isn’t well-handled by Windows at the moment. If you’re using this for sofa gaming though, you won’t notice any issues. Similarly, OLEDs can experience permanent image retention (burn-in), though there are plenty of countermeasures designed to prevent this. Most of my team at Digital Foundry use an LG OLED as their desktop monitor – admittedly the smaller 42-inch or 48-inch models – and so far, none have experienced any burn-in after many years of use so I wouldn’t be particularly worried about this.

LG’s C-series OLEDs have remained our top gaming TV recommendations for years, so if you’re considering a new TV for PC or console gaming, plus the normal TV and film watching, this is an awesome choice at a great price.

By admin

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