Leon, Goku, Blade! Tekken 8 players are going wild with the character customisation

By admin Jan 27, 2024

Tekken 8 has only been out a day, and already players are going absolutely wild with the character customisation tool. Not only have they been pulling off rad new looks for the various fighters, they’ve been recreating other beloved figures from across video games, anime, and film.

Muchof these creations can be found online on community hubs like Reddit and Twitter. Already, fan-made Goku, Blade, John Wick, Ken, and Leon are out there among hundreds of other impressive recreations.

The truth is that, while the Tekken 8 character creator obviously has limits, there’s a lot of cool and hilarious stuff you can do with it. This can range from slapping a fade on Jin, or a big slice of bread on the head of your favourite character. It’s not the full custom character creator that Street Fighter 6 has, but in a way the strict boundaries with what you can do make some of the more detailed creations a little bit more impressive.

Tekken 8 has proven quite successful since it’s launch yesterday. Not only did it peak at nearly 50,000 concurrent Steam players – higher than any Tekken game in history – it also had such a huge wave of incoming players that the game was temporarily crashing for users attempting to use the online portions of the game. While that has since been fixed, it’s quite the indicator of popularity.

Have you had a chance to mess around with the character creator in Tekken 8 yet? Let us know below!

By admin

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