Children of the Light’s Lunar New Year Event Drops On January 29

By admin Jan 27, 2024

Sky: Children of the Light is celebrating Lunar New Year 2024 with the Days of Fortune event. It kicks off on January 29 and runs through February 11. It has awesome stuff in store like drum circles, ice rink races and flying on dragons. Keep reading to know more about the Days of Fortune Sky event!

Days of Fortune Is Back!

The Days of Fortune Sky event makes a comeback in the Valley of Triumph! Set to connect players all over the world, the event lets you customize your avatar, create content and hang out in the social area of the Valley of Triumph. Free spells let you snag dragon costumes for a limited time. Also, if you team up with seven others, you can form a cool dragon train.

You’ll also find a special event currency in the social area to snag goodies like the dragon mask, drum and more. And if you’re into fashion, look out for dragon-inspired accessories like earrings, bangles, robes and stoles. Have you played Sky yet? If not, head to the Google Play Store and grab the game before the LNY celebrations kick off!

Ever Played Sky: Children of the Light?

Sky Play Together with Compassion is a social adventure game with pleasant, eye-soothing visuals. Created by thatgamecompany, it was first released for iOS in 2019, and later for Android in 2020. The game lets you play as a robed figure, a little kid exploring interconnected systems in the stars.

Flight is simple but it costs light from your robe. Collect light from various sources to spread warmth and illumination. Use candles to light lanterns or scare off wildlife. A cool feature is holding hands with other players to form chains and explore new places. It’s a cooperative effort that helps newer players get to spots they might struggle to reach alone.

So, will you be celebrating the Lunar New Year with the Days of Fortune Sky event? Also, check out our latest scoop on Pre-register For Ex Astris Now As It’s Set To Drop On Android Next Month!

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